Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Not that I am paranoid or not...like they [blogger demons] are monitoring my posts...;{

I think its still the viruses doing their wonderful "Gremlins" imitation on my computer! I am still having problems...can't blog when I want to and commenting has been even harder! Please have patience....I AM EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES!!!

I hate the words "Data Interrupted" warnings!!!

I NEED BILLYROO! [my computer guru] to come home and talk to this machine that hates me...;(


I have decided to start the year off with more "Darkside Zodiac" by Stella Hyde.

Most out there do not believe in the zodiac representing them and that's their choice. I just find it odd, how true they are [when one sits down and really thinks about it]. Like I said...I agree with the good stuff and now that I know about the bad side of me...I find I'm trying harder to change the ones that I feel I can change.


The non-believers can stop reading right now...it will only bore you more than my stories always do...;}


I have already done mine, which is Aquarius and Gemini's.

Not to just pick on these ones, I will continue with the present one happening right now...Capricorn. Which is Dec 22 to Jan 20 [depending on which book you read]

I would say that I don't know too many of these people closely, so I can't say for sure whether I would agree with her on this zodiac or not. I do remember a not-so-nice, ex-sister-in-law, that it did sound a lot like...so

Remember these are NOT my words!

Capricorn is a feminine, cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn. It is the tenth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Cancer, and is named for the constellation Capricorn [the goat or sea goat] which bleats and backbites behind the Sun at this time of the year.

On the Darkside, this makes you a cold, cruel, petty-minded slave driver with unsuspected yet unquenchable ambition and an addiction to tightfisted penny-pinching.

Annoying habits:

Punctuality...You always arrive 30 minutes early, to impress important people and make underlings feel insecure, unless the inner goat has seized control, when you won't turn up at all because you are busy corrupting innocents.

Toothpaste...always tightly rolled from the bottom up. when its finished you unroll it, cut it open and scrape off the last smears.

Temper Gauge...0 to boiling point in one second [although you have high Latent Tetchiness levels and are easy to rile]. You never forgive a slight and, if shown disrespect, will charge at the offender and headbutt them into a ravine.

Personality...petty, parsimonious, pessimistic, mean, miserly, cruel, cold-hearted, tightfisted, negative, unforgiving...etc.

Bitch Rating...B++ You really don't have the spontaneity to bitch, since it is undignified, but you write excoriating emails and sharply worded letters to the more respected newspapers when you feel your status is being impugned. Your inner goat has no such scruples, however, especially after a few cups of black wine.

Favorite Deadly Sin...Avarice, the sophisticated version of Greed. Your inner goat goes straight for naughty but life-affirming Lust and Gluttony [goats eat anything]

Blame Your Planet...Saturn: stern, stifling and strong willed.

Again, a lot of her predictions have to be calculated with what time of day you were born to calculate everything better. This is just a general get-you-pissed-off-enough to buy the book or email me for more type of post...;(

And NO I don't know her to be pushing her book for her...just that it's a different take on Zodiac interpretation meant for entertainment.

It's my kind of weirdness that makes me do this...;}

I don't run my life by it...;}

Nor do I want to ruin yours!

Anyways...the next one up will be Pisces [Feb 20-Mar 20] which is my older sister's sign and I definitely agree with hers!

I would also like to acknowledge another award from a blogger pal, BJ Roan that I will be doing as soon as I can think of 7 things I haven't blabbed about so far...;} and post to sidebar when I can remember how to do that too...

Keeping my fingers crossed for a repeat posting.....

PS....I even managed a link....yahoo!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh I tellya, having computer problems is the pits to put it nicely. Hope it all gets straightened out for you. Thanks for stopping by today, it's always fun to have you visit with me.

And to answer your question about Ms. P@lin....I can't stand the woman. The beast...the devil within. LOL

Wilma said...

Oh crap! I forgot I was going to send you my birth time...

As soon as Conrad is home from her jaunt, & I'm home from mine, if I remember, I will do that!

BJ Roan said...

Interesting stuff! I haven't read too much about the zodiac, but what I have read about myself is usually pretty close. It's interesting. Hmmm. My granddaughter is a Capricorn. Oh Dear! ;)

BJ Roan said...

Oh crap! So's my husband. lol