Friday, November 26, 2010


Going shopping today [8:30 am]...gonna see whether buying new charger for camera [60.00] or get a NEW camera! Better be a good deal or the money don't leave the pocket...;)!

Gonna wear black too!

On another black note....

As per a REQUEST from a faithful follower, I am posting her DARKSIDE ZODIAC. Which is Gemini. I have relatives that are from that zodiac also, so it's an interesting read!

ALL must remember these are not MY words!

These are NOT my opinions either!

Nor do I take them to be a true read, for how would someone know all that about everyone? Everyone is brought up differently and I feel that makes a BIG  difference in your personality. Plus one also must come up with a good idea to sell books now days with the net and all!


You got a complaint, take it up with the authoress Stella Hyde.

There are some points in mine that really ticks me off and I'd like to slap her upside the head!

I do wonder how she comes by some of these thoughts and whether she has any friends left?

YOU ARE WARNED......I don't want to lose one of my friends and one of the few commentators to my blog! My family/friends knows who I am and how I feel...I would NEVER accept this at face valve!


"Gemini: May 22 - June 21

Gemini is a masculine mutable Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the third sign on the zodiac wheel, directly across from Sagittarius, and is named for the Constellation, Gemini [the twins], which constantly ducks and dives behind the sun at this time of the year.
On the darkside this makes you an unreliable, roguish sociopath with a light finger and the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly."

See what I mean!

Want more....?

"Annoying Habits:

Punctuality: You're rarely late but never stay long since you are usually on your way to somewhere else that you think might be more interesting or stuffed with classier celebs.
Toothpaste: You have a shiny new electric toothbrush "borrowed" from somewhere, and toothpaste picked up from unguarded retail displays-you didn't pay for it, so why would you give a damn about how it is squeezed!
Temper Gauge: 0 to boiling point in five seconds, inventive invective, blistering bitchery, then back down again in two, mostly because your attention has wandered off. You prefer to get even, not mad.

Personality: feckless, reckless, two-faced. Brightside you is famous for your irresistible charm and sprightly wit. But you [and I] know that it's all a facade isn't it? It's all sparky patter to shift the eyes of the gullible away from what your really up to."

There is much more cause she goes on a lot.


Bitch Rating: A++. We bow to the zodiac's Bitch Queen. Your lightning rapier zigzags with such sparkling wit and style that many bitches don't know they have been slashed for at least three weeks; and your apologies are always so transparently heartfelt and sincere.

Favorite Deadly Sin: Oh, come on! Only one deadly sin? For you, the dilettante of depravity? I don't think so. You need at least four: two for each twin. What to choose? Pride, for sure, although you prefer to use its other name, Vanity [you know you look good so why not say so?]; Lust, because it is fun; Envy [why should the rich have all the nice, shiny things? Indeed, why should anybody have anything you want? And Greed. Greed is good. What's wrong with wanting it all?

Blame your planet Mercury! Mercury is a small dense busybody that scurries sycophantically around the sun in just 88 days, practically joined at the hip with our local star. It doesn't mind the heat just as long as it can be self-important in the kitchen."

A lot of her predictions have to be calculated with what time of day you were born...etc.

So Gemini....if you want more you got to leave a comment and I'll send you what else she has to say that you won't like...;{

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Anonymous said...

LURVE IT! I want more! I'll find out what time I was born & email you.