Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This was kindly awarded to me by a faithful reader and commenter and I am now just been able to get to it...thanks to viruses attacking my computer, then me!

Was down with it [cold/virus/] all last week and have finally stopped coughing my guts out! Great AB workout! Lost 7 pounds and am now busy trying to put it back on...;(

Computer is still ill and is in the process of being replaced....

Back to the are the rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who sent it....then tell them you did

Thank You!!!!! BJ Roan from []...she likes my supernatural crap stuff....:) You honor me! I wish I lived close to her too as I would like to visit their court house also!

2. Pass the award on to someone else.

I have many to add but this one changed my narrow minded way of thinking and proved to me that you can't pick a book by it's title. She was first mentioned to me by my daughter and I dismissed it because of it's title..."Snooty Primadona"...last thing I wanted was someone who had "Snooty" ideas...let alone a Primadona...;} Boy was I wrong! I have learned much from this very talented lady who has just as many life's battle scars as I do and deserves this "Stylish Award". She has a style all her own! Even an old dog like me can learn new things....thanks BJ and PrimaD [] for joining me and informing on life outside of my world!

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

This was a hard one as I have blabbed about a lot...;}

1. The worst thing I have ever done and have thankfully never repeated is trying to kill a baby kitten.
Before you condemn me, let me explain...
I was 11 or so at the time. I had awoken [early morning hrs] to my cat having kittens on my bed and she was killing them as she was having them! This was her first time delivery and my first time witnessing it happening! She delivered her last one [4] and I was able to save it from being killed right away by her. I figured if I cleaned it up she would like it better but she wanted nothing to do with it! What could I do? Dad and stepmother would not have responded nicely to me waking them with this problem [fact]. It wasn't doing too well either [I'm sure now there was probably something wrong with them as the mother cat never did that again] and it was barely moving. Biggest mistake was me thinking I could drown it to put it out of its misery. One has to hold it under water and feel it squirm while doing it. I couldn't! I ended up having to wake my brother, Tank and he did it for me. Something I also regret, was asking him to do it, but he was nice enough to do it for me. He was not a violent person so that had to hurt him too...sorry Tank! To this very day I have a problem with condemning something to death....EXCEPT for proven murders, serial killers, especially child killers! And bugs! Especially cannot do it by my hand...the thought of a supposedly squashed bug wiggling in a paper towel/Kleenex horrifies me!

2. Have a preference for the nonsensical stuff over what others classify as classy or "expensive". I have hand crafted [5 by me] wands in my work place...started by the first one who I show everyone as being broken and can't get their work done any faster...;} This year I added 2 -5' staffs too....with a crown....;)...yup crazy

3. When I was 10 or 11 I used to eat white onions just like they were apples. I would even sneak them up to my I could hide the smell of them when eaten? Then I went through a time where I hated them! But have now come back around to eating them again...only thankfully not as an apple...;} -do prefer them raw...

4. Due to stress levels in my neck and shoulders I have worn off the bumps on my back bone around the neck. Xrays have revealed that they are all smooth. Doctors say its from intense tightening of the neck muscles rubbing them smooth. That an the arthritis.

5. Keep a diary since 1985 which consists of calendars. Each year I scribble crap on the calender of important happenings and then keep the calendar. When my Ex and I separated we argued on who got to keep the calenders...I won. Mostly because it was MY ideas to keep them in the first place.

6. March 30, 1997 dislocated elbow. Pain was so bad that I couldn't have any material between me and my arm. Sleep was a nightmare...with clothes on...even worse! Had to sleep nude! Been sleeping that way ever since!

7. Do not own or wear blue jeans! HATE THEM! Preference for soft fluffy material...for comfort. If I dream about satin....means I'm getting sick...?

Thank heavens there is only 7!

I'm sure I could have mentioned all the others as I don't have that great a following and doubt that they've read back history so I'm probably safe repeating myself...which is good for old people like me...;}

There I've done it......!

Hope I can post again soon but I am in between computers right now and things get iffy here...?


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Thank you so much QoH for your kind comments on our blog. I have found it really hard just lately to keep up, and feel so bad when I don't manage to comment.

Keep well, and I will be in touch again soon. Just need a break I guess.

Jeannie xx and Marvin xx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

when the spring finally arrives I will be posting on my allotment blog, to keep a record of the disasters and perhaps, triumphs! I cannot wait to begin planting, it has been such a long and harsh winter.

J xx Hope your blogging problems get sorted, blogger can be so slow and unpredictable which doesn't make things easy or quick!

Snooty Primadona said...

Thank you so much for the award! It's always nice to know someone likes reading my drivel.

I'm totally with you on the killing. I get totally freaked out when I have to kill a bug AND pick it up to throw it away. Eeeewwww!

My jeans really get me through the *off* seasons but I'm truly a leggings gal. Love 'em!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Wow....what a read. It was so tense, yet filled with love. Does that make sense at all---what I just wrote. I'm not sure.

My sister in law STILL eats onions like apples...altho, she must have the right kind...Bermuda Onions.

PS...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visiting with me yesterday!!!

Queen of Halloween said...

Jeanie & Marv...will miss you but you can still visit whenever out of boredom and I will follow your planting blog...;}
PrimaD...keep up the good work...:)
HootinAnni...It does make sense...thank you. And I goofed on your Chinese horo in that your not a metal rabbit. You are born in the Ox year. But still an Antiquarian like me...;)

Commenting back is hard because my computer woes aren't over yet...;(

But thanks anyhow much appreciated

BJ Roan said...

I loved reading your 7 things. I know what it's like to have to kill an animal. I haven't had to do it, but my brother did. We lived on a farm, with no vets anywhere. George, our dog, decided to bark at the tractor tire. His tooth got caught and it ran over his head. Oddly, he was still alive, but devastatingly injured. My brother had to kill him. It was very sad.

My sister-in-law just sent me an email about onions. Did you know that if you put them around the room they will collect germs and bacteria, and help prevent illness? It also said never eat an onion that has set out, or even tightly packaged in the refrigerator after slicing. It can cause you to get sick. Hmm. Wonder if it's true.

Queen of Halloween said...

BJ...We had to kill many an animal while living in the country due to winter and cars. That was the Exes job...still couldn't do it...;( I respect those who can man-up and do it. As for the onions...what about the ones that sit in the open in the grocery stores? What have they sucked up? I'd rather not think about that...;{ I don't wrap my cut-up ones anymore. I use this plastic container shaped like an onion to hold it and it stays fresh for a long time. Saves on re-wrapping each time too.