Friday, September 02, 2011


My grand daughter, AJ, started back to school this year with an apprehensive feeling, dreading another dismal year of loneliness at school...;(

But also along with this apprehension was the strength to face those mean spirited peers with a strong will to win out in the end!

This is what I LOVE about my grand daughter the most! Her STRENGTH and WILL to forge ahead no matter what others think of her....:)

Do they judge her by her looks...?

She is tall, over-weight and extremely shy.....with a hidden disability...dyslexia.

Why the kids at her school have shunned her...I DON'T KNOW?

Her being dyslexic meant that she had to be in a "special education" class for some subjects [not any more though she's near being a honor student now].

But was this the problem for getting to know her?

If so, that's their LOSS!

But, like I said...

There is a shinning light to this post!

My dyslexic grand daughter just pulled off something that even I have never accomplished in life!



I whine about having poor eyesight when this girl looks through mixed up signals daily in her brain all the time and comes up with an accomplishment like that!

AMAZING as far as I am concerned!

For this girl...writing poetry/stories and drawing is all that she has to express herself with and I am SOOOOOO happy that she has been given this talent to help off set some of the hurts that has to live with.

Only some may not like what they see and read of her work as it is very dark right now but I KNOW that this too will change as her life lightens. Right now the stuff she does has a shock factor to it and I like the challenge she puts out to others because of it. If you knew her life you'd know why too!

I have to acknowledge the helping hand that this girl found at her school. Her shining light...their Librarian...Bobbi Hebron!

AJ spent most of her spare time helping and hanging out there due to the personal exile at school and this woman took her under her wing. Through her encouragement she gave AJ the courage to submit something for publishing and take the chance to be rejected. [This is something I have a fear of and loath competitions because of it]. She has done sooooo much for this girl that words can never be found to express how thankful I am that this kind of person does exist!

She also helped put the museum back together and has gotten us our Paranormal Room

Sadly, she will be moving away and this town is going to be short one great person!


AJ submitted one poem and one short story. The story didn't make it but the poem did! It was a contest open to anyone 14 and older. She received her letter, of acceptance the other day, of making the publishing level and now goes on to the prizes level. As far as I am concerned she already got the prize and the other would just be the icing on the cake!

Soon as Bobbi found out the good news she let everybody know and AJ's life at school changed that day!

She received LOTS of congratulations from many who never have given her the time of day and I hope things have started to change for her. She's in Grade 9 this year and hopefully a start of a new era for her but one has to wait and see...

I hate having to add a negative to such a happy tale but I have found that fame fades quickly and some people never grow up!

Only I KNOW that my wonderful grand daughter will always have the courage deep inside of her to persevere through whatever is thrown at her!

Maybe I should be thanking those mean kids for forcing her towards learning rather than having a good time!


I'd rather see a happy child ALL of the time!







Snooty Primadona said...

Gawd! That is such a mean grade to be in, but it sounds as if she's finding her own way. Why is she having to move? That will just make things harder on her. I know this first hand, having attended a total of 13 schools before graduating from high school. I hated moving as I was overweight & getting more shy with every move. I have to tell you that I absolutely adore the big girl on the TV show Glee. She has so much attitude & stands up for herself so now everyone loves her! Wish I'd had that kind of hudspeh(sp?).

On another note, my blog post will be about you tomorrow. Hubby & I read your comment on my last post & when we followed your advice, we were totally amazed and pleased with the results. Thank you lady! You are awesome!

Queen of Halloween said...

PrimaD...My grand daughter is not moving...the wonderful person who had faith in her is...;(
Moving would make soooo much harder as I know how it has hurt you.
And thank you in advance for the kind words. Happy to help any time!

Roan said...

I have an autistic grandson who will face all kinds of trials. It's sad how some are teased and bullied. I think your granddaughter is one amazing girl. Congratulations to her on being published! That has to be an ego boost. It's hard for those who are different, but different is often a good thing. It's too bad this lady is moving away, but she has left good things behind.

Queen of Halloween said...

Hi's sad when those with problems still have those out there that have no clue just how hard it is for these people. But like you said maybe it's makes them the better people.Good news for my daughter is that the planned move fell through and she is now staying so her light will still shine bright for her in that library.
Thanks both of you for's a rarity for me