Monday, September 05, 2011


Let me take you into what my blog is really about...hence it's title!

I for one believe that the loved ones who are deceased are not really gone from our lives and I like to think that they join us whenever they are needed and I have a nice story to tell you if you are willing to believe that it could be true....

Sat. Sept. 3 was the wedding day of a guy who spent many hours growing up with my kids. My son and him were in the same grade and were best buds for awhile.

It was great news hearing that he was tying the knot and that we were invited as he and my son had drifted apart...but then this is a small town so people really don't drift that far...

Anyways we had all decided to attend the wedding which meant dragging my son [all of us] to the church part! My kids were not brought up with a religion and have thanked me many times for that fact of not having to face the Sunday torture of having be preached over. But I do believe that if someone needs to get married in a church then THAT'S their prerogative but we should honor it and so we did...

With a lot of squirming and fidgeting and we all must of suffer from A.D.D but that wasn't our fault either...have you ever sat through a wedding that held a service too and that was officiated by someone who had a hard time with the English language?

All I kept hearing was him call the bride Allicia when her name was Alyssa and go on and on about someone named Sarah? Those whom I talked to afterwards said that they were used to his lack of English skills and normally he speaks through a mike...but that wouldn't have mattered anyways when one couldn't understand him period!

We did sit at the back of the church so we weren't bothering anyone with our in attentiveness.

I was also sitting on the aisle seat so I could take pictures of the bride/groom as they came in and this kept me busy for awhile until sermon time. I don't quite know how to explain this next part because I know the majority of those reading this will shake their heads and say that my mind is slipping again...but then why should I care what they think!

This is what happened...

A very loud thought came into my head and said "look up and take a picture" I did

Right above me in the 16th shot of the day was this large Orb! It was very bright on my camera and shocked me and something told me to look back and take another one...

I took lots more of the ceiling and everywhere in the church after those two but captured nothing...not even dust motes!

I also got the feeling of who it was too...

The grooms dad, Gord!

The feeling that this was him increased as the evening went on...the next questionable shot is #37 when they were cutting the cake.

We were only invited to the dance, so I wasn't able to take shots of the supper festivities but through these next shots it may show you some questionable spots that I like to call Orbs. The below photo shows them very faint although the one above the bride has a brighter edging to it.

The shot right after the above one came out all blurry EXCEPT for the Orb, which seems to be fairly clear looking. It also has a strong aura ringing it too! This took lots of power to show it this clearly and the fact that the camera focus on IT!

If any of you have been following my Orb quest most will know that this is a rare one with lots of definition to it! You will also see that this same Orbs shows up lots more in my photos.

The shot below which was #39... shows the size as smaller and what might be matrixed as a smiley face? I think there is someone there from her side as well, just not as strong as Gord's Orb. I think he really wanted to be seen as most of my shots after the cake cutting was from inner urgings that cannot be explained.

The next shot [#44] below is what I would call dust mote orbs and moisture orbs from the fog machine but who knows what Orb might be hiding amongst them dancing the night away....;}

As most know at weddings there is a lot of pranking stuff going on like; all the women have to dance with the groom and the guys for the bride. A normally shy guy did very well on the dance floor and seem to be having a great time and

Was also being watched...

This is another strong Orb behind the groom and has that same strong aura as the large one...was his dad on the dance floor too?

Keeping a close eye on him?

The bride had some of her followers too...

Although it did look like the large orb hung around too...

My last shot of the evening captured these three Orbs trying to get in on the photo action too?

The final largest Orb seem to match the one in the 4th photo from above and both of them has a bright aura around it that is quite thick.

As far as I am concerned the groom's dad suffered much in life with MS and lost his life because of it. It's fitting as far as I am concerned that he got to float around his family, to be there in spirit and hopefully they felt him there like I did!

And thank you Gord for the privileged of showing me what I have suspected all along!


Must add that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening! I got to dance with my daughter and grand children and watch BillyRoo [son] hide whenever we got the urge to jump around.

This wedding also confirmed to him that he'd elope to Vegas before going through what he just watched his friend go through..."a walking nightmare" in his eyes!

Little does he know...that when the "love of his life" wants what she wants and it's a big wedding....I foresee trouble in their future...;}

But not to worry there doesn't seem to be any "love" interests hanging around...
him or me....:)


Roan said...

Amazing shots! You've made me a believer, and way before this. Looks like Gord and friends had a great time.

Chan said...

So amazing. I believe :) They are really clear pics of the orbs!!!