Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where Have I Been?

This should be the new name for my blog!

I do have excuses....

As you all have read over and over again about my cataract problems and it's woes...

Add a CRASH OF MY COMPUTER!!!!! June 14th to my already mountain of woes!

My Hard Drive CRASHED!!!!!!

UNRECOVERABLE are words you never want to have to hear...

ESPECIALLY if your livelihood DEPENDS on it!

ESPECIALLY if you haven't backed-up your work since Feb.23!

Happily my Ex and I still talk to each other cause he came to my rescue and got me back up running again the very next day.

Only he couldn't restore ALL OF THAT LOST WORK!

Because this IDIOT kept putting off doing the back-up needed to ensure not losing it!

Remember me telling you all of the tire-kicking estimating that I had been doing and wasn't getting paid for it cause it was JUST estimates....

Well the majority of the "Just estimates" were lost, they were NEEDED not long after the crash...

Go Figure!

Which meant they all had to be redrawn all over again!

Not great news for someone with failing eyesight!

All of that wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for them all having a time limit!

Most was for the town's 100th birthday July 23. The town's Rec Director had made a push for getting advertising for the arena which would hold the ceremonies. Perfect for advertising which I was getting in on too.

Let me tell you....all of the signs did get done in time! Thanks to a hard working PoD and LONG hours!

Only they NEVER did get put up in time for the big event!

The lazy Rec Director never got around to it and from what reports I have heard he had PLENTY of time to do it?

Thankfully that wasn't my fault but my customer's are slow in paying for those signs BECAUSE of that fact of NOT getting their advertising that was promised! Guess it's Always MY fault!

During my work frenzy I missed updating my blog with useless info that's only important to me but have come to learn that it's an important memory tool for me too!

A lot of the lost info and important dates were recoverable because of my trivia drivel on my blog. I have used past stories to revive the info not filled in scrapbooks that haven't been updated either!

I'm very anal about recording stuff!

Only have to learn to get anal about UPDATING IT!

My Blog is kind of like a diary for me and really isn't meant to be there to entertain others in the world, which I really don't have to worry about seeing as only a few ever comment...;{

Things I did miss while the work frenzy was going on was attending Wilma's 40th birthday bash held in a hall not far from my house. It happened soon after my crash and I wasn't in any party mood...nor was PoD.

Happy Birthday Wilma....better late than never, I say!

Did have a gift for her that ended up in the dump! It has a weird story...

Seems I always find time for Garage Sales!

During the town-wide one I came across this gorgeous oldish looking mirror with neat ornate edgings...kind of gave me an idea about a mirror for her bar in their basement. The mirror was in excellent shape and even the backing looked kind of new like? The owner even said that she never hung it cause it never fit anywhere. My intent was to embellish it with a funny quote in vinyl somewhere on the surface area.
When I got the mirror home I stood it up facing my cutting machine and computer. It stood there for two days before a work day.
Right from the start we had problems with the machines. The computer didn't want to start? The cutter moved when it wasn't even turned on and both PoD and I witnessed it! From the moment I had brought the mirror into my place I had a dislike for it? It felt strange? Jokingly I said to PoD that it must be the mirror spooking the machinery and felt the urge to remove it from the place. So I put it outside in my storage vehicle with my Halloween decorations and forgot about it.
When I came back in, PoD said all was back to normal with the machines after I had left with the mirror...? Coincidence?
A few days later I went to retrieve the mirror to put the wording I had prepared for it, on it, when I found that the frame had broken away on the bottom. The frame was still stapled to the cardboard backing and that was still attached to the rest of it? The mirror had not been broken...just the frame and there was no way to pull it apart the way that it was without breaking the mirror. It had been a bit warm outside and was possible that the mirror could have expanded enough to force the frame to split...but why only one end?
I got a cold chill up my spine when I saw that and thought it through enough to cause me to question whether I wanted to give something with an odd aura about it to a friend not to mention ever wanting to have it to the dump it went with a cleansing performed over it to make sure that the weirdness didn't hang around after it left!

The decal is still here for her if she wants it...:)


Other important info needed to be recorded was the fact that I have lived in this place now for 4 the time has flown!

The grand kids left for their 3 week visit with their Alberta relatives on June 28 and that left exactly 3 days to work on getting Grad together. This meant rounding up lights and wrapping poles. I had shown in an earlier post the diamond theme this year and had big plans on making lots of cardboard ones....that never happened due to our rush.

The end result was because of a dream of someone else who had the courage to go it alone on the planning of majority of the decorating...

The entrance way table was her idea but the archway was mine. This was the last area to be decorated and was hastily put together. By the time we got to this spot all were tired [except for me] of decorating and it showed. But by then all didn't care either...except for me

The theme did not match the decoration theme? But how would one do that by that dumb saying anyways? I'm glad this was off to the side and not too noticeable.

This what the stage looked like. The bags on the floor in front of the head table all had the kids name on them and wasn't my idea either...:) This to hold all of their goodies?

The big diamond that sits in the center is a posing stool and is for their photo op after the ceremonies. The kids came out from the curtained area to the right and paraded around the stage then down the steps to their seat. The little shoes that you see in the foreground were done by me

The above photos shows the hall layout and their table centerpieces. The most awesome thing to me were the blue origami folded napkins that each held a peppermint patty in the center. This woman made over 200 of them...happily with no help from me!

Surprise of all surprises I have NO Orbs to point out to you all lurking on here...

This all my eyes can stand for now...I still have July to catch up on and that will include photos of the town's 100th, our HUGE parade, our float and even a Paranormal Investigation on the 29-30...this kills my eyes and gives me a headache so it may be slow

And maybe an update on the Darkside Zodiac for Cancer then one for Leo...

So stay tuned...:)


Roan said...

I for one look forward to seeing a new post from you. I think that mirror ended up where it belonged. The tables and stage look wonderful. Nice colors! I'm looking forward to the 100th celebration details.

Wilma said...

You didn't want to give me a haunted mirror? Wha?!?!

Yes! I'll stop by & pick up the decal sometime. Thanx much.

Queen of Halloween said...

Thanks BJ...I can always count on you as a faithful reader...:) wasn't a good vibe coming from that mirror and one doesn't need negative energy brought into their life, especially with what problems you experience. I only want good for my friends!