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Another Darkside Zodiac...Taurus [Apr 21 -May 21]

Again, these are permitted excerpts from Stella Hyde's book, Darkside Zodiac. Which means, these aren't my words and no blame can be laid at my feet...

Taurus is a feminine sign, fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus. It is the second sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Scorpio, and is named for the consyellation Taurus [the bull], which plods and bellows behind the Sun at this time of year.

On the Darkside, this makes you a stubborn, sybaritic, rut-bound bully, fueled by dull resentment and an insatiable love of money.

Annoying Habits:

Punctuality...You are never late; you have never been late; you will never be late. People in Switzerland can set their clocks by you, train companies call you for advice. Strangely, everyone else is always late meeting with you.

Toothpaste...The Taurus toothpaste tube always lives in a toothpaste tube cozy on the third shelf down and is always rolled up from the bottom. If anyone moves it-let alone squeezes it in the middle-you kill them.

Temper Gauge...0 to boiling in about six months, but on a regular five-year cycle. Much earth-shaking; small buildings fall down; you gore everyone within reach. Ten days later people armed with chocolate can approach you.

Personality...Obdurate, opinionated, overpowering

Bitch Rating...C+. Others think this is because you are naturally kind and charitable, but they are wrong; it's not that you don't want to bitch, you're just too slow-witted to really make an impact. When you do try, you make dull, painful remarks about other people's lack of fashion sense or money.

Fave Deadly Sin..."I'll have all them, now" is naturally your first thought, since the desire for some new stuff fogs your brain. When you finally understand you've got to choose, you go away to ruminate, and come back some days later with the obvious answer: Greed, with a substantial side dish of Gluttony [maybe served in a just of Lust]. You think having and holding until death do you part is sensible behavior, and nothing is ever going to change your mind. As for Gluttony, what's wrong with liking your fodder, especially if it comes at a prix fixe?

Blame your planet Venus, mighty Aphrodite!

Again...a lot of her predictions have to be calculated with the time of day one was born...etc.

Buy the will be amazed on how well these little tidbits let's one know who they might be dealing with?

I, for one, have to agree with what I have read about the Taurus traits in this book. I have MANY that are close to me and must admit they have left BIG hoof prints on my life! The males especially!

I put off writing about his zodiac until now cause it played a big part in my life...making me a part of what I am today...

They say that marriage changes you...

I say it's your partner's traits that steers you that way...

It ticks off me to hear/read jokes about how women change after they get that ring on their finger...

My first marriage was to a Taurus...who ran herd boss over my life for 5 felt like the ring was in my nose!

Reading about those traits brought back TONS of BAD MEMORIES! That thankfully ONLY lasted 5 years! But man, those 5 years were LONG!!! ;(

He took a somewhat shy, semi-naive girl and bullied her into something that was changing into the strong person that my [Aquarian] second husband help finish off!

I am resentfully for the lessons that it took to mold me the way that I am today but also grateful for them too! ?

My 2nd ex also has them drawn to him, thus I had them as close friends which later finding out that they were HIS friends and NOT mine! :)

Even lately the "love sites" send the Taurus men my way when I state not must be the challenge that I emit to them?

Women are no problem, as friends, as they aren't interested in me that way...:) They actually make great friends!

Of my two exes, the Taurus one was the absolute worst! I still have residual nightmares with the things that he imposed on my life!

He was a scary stalker type and thankfully his feminine side came to my rescue when his darkside emerged. He did not know that a lot of his problem stemmed from the fact that he was gay and fought it! Thinking back on those times and adding up all the odd facts that occurred during it, made me come to the conclusion why he eventually ended up dead at the age of 30 or so. I never found out why or how he died, as I had severed all contact with him and his family after our divorce. I just know that he died! It was my step mother who informed me of his obit in the Edmonchuk newspaper, which never mentioned how he died? I often think his gayness was part of the reason why his dad committed suicide and left the odd note about it for him to find?

Summing up this guy would mean doubling those traits in strength and purpose! I disappeared [literally] from his life as my daughter happened during our divorce proceedings [those of you adding things he is NOT her father as were separated for 2 yrs]and I didn't want him to know about her! Scary was too nice of a word for him!

He did provide me with a strong enough will to have a child on my own! Sadly, I let the next dangerous zodiac in my life...

It's bad enough having your own nasty traits but having a person just like you can be just as scary...but oddly nicely predictable?


As for my what's up with me...

As of yesterday, computer living was making my life hell! Damn thing was working in slow some people I know...

THANKFULLY I have computer-literate children that save my butt, time and time again!

This time it was PoD to the rescue!

BillyRoo [son] gives me crap when I don't do the updates when I'm supposed to and when I do, do them, I screw it up! ? ;(

PoD waved her magic wand, said a few choice [?]words and left me with it running in fix-it-mode...

I got the axe out and laid it on the key board with a few words of my own [really] and left it ponder it's fate

Spent the rest of the day clean house as I didn't have anything ready to put together sign wise.

Did fill the time with grad diamonds that didn't want to go together....left them in a pile!

Did have a painting committee job to do after work which meant someone was supposed to pick me up and didn't...wasted 2 hrs waiting? Was later called and apologized to, but was happy not having to do the painting work after all. Will be doing the second coat if she remembers today to pick me up...;)

So my Thursday turned out to be an annoying day which happily ended with the computer finally working properly!

Thank YOU PoD!!!

Woke this morning to fog at 4:30 am, right now [8:30] the sun is peeking out from the's supposed to be sunny with intermittent rain?

Time to start the day...

Have a Happy day all you Taurus people....;)

Next zodiac will be Cancer [June 22 - July 22] my stepmother's sign as I already did Gemini's.

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