Thursday, April 21, 2011


Was PoD's [daughter] venture into community theater's 22nd. stage production this year...all alone as Stage Manager/Set Designer/Set Decor/Hall Decor...etc!

She did a FANTASTIC job as far as I am concerned, granted I might be a bit biased...;)

I, from first hand experience, know how hard Stage Managing is!
More apt title would be "Cat Herder"...if there is such a word!

The addition of other jobs just makes it even harder! Like me, she has to add extra work for added challenge by designing the set, plus help put it up and then decorate it...all according to someone Else's thoughts [author and the director]. This is not easy!

I had decided [along with her urging...;)]to continue to stay out of these productions as the burnt-out feeling that I had about participating in it, still lingers!

But... I am still available to them for any help that might be needed.

In the beginning, PoD started out with great strength and enthusiasm but by curtain time, she was feeling like I usually did...which sadly I was sort of happy about, as she was making me feel like I was a whiner with all of her energy and such.

Most will find that the task is harder than you think, as she did and had to swallow her pride by asking for some help with the set decor...

What was needed was to be more messy and she has a hard time with that as it really isn't in her nature. My advice to her was to have her think of her brother's room or maybe her kid's...

Sorry BillyRoo, AJ & JD...but it's true...;{

No problem after that!

Do you know it's been MANY moons since I have made paper airplanes!

Was fun but mine didn't fly very well!

This was just a tiny bit of help on my part!

Talking about decorating...

I wonder if we had some company watching us that day...

This is a shot that I took for PoD's scrapbook and of all of the photos that I took that day, this is the only oddity that showed up?

I know most of you out there reading this have just rolled your eyes like an annoying teenager! Like what happened to me [during the night that I attended] when I mentioned it to someone. His first comment was the usual one that I get..."QoH, there aren't ghost everywhere that you go!"

How can anyone state that?

My usual response is..."How do YOU know that for SURE?"

I can at least provide proof or at least raise some doubt on the subject, with the photos/voice recorders and videos that we have gotten with our paranormal researches!

My time in this hall, all alone some nights, as I did my sets, made me feel other wise! I have also gotten some odd stuff in the shots that are just too hard to explain away! Plus we have gossip about a lady been seen entering the stage when there was supposedly no one else in the hall? When checking there was no lady! The report was not MY sighting!

I have an odd photo of what some might call the "Orange Angel" in front of a shop on main street even! So I think I can safely say that I can create some doubt in many skeptics on the paranormal being almost everywhere. Most think that it has to be the building that's haunted but they can be might just be the LAND that it sits on that's haunted! There are different types of hauntings and most who will visit the courthouse after PoD and I add the paranormal info to the museum, will have to admit to some truth of this matter!

That's more

Poor PoD was totally exhausted and could hardly keep her eyes open in this shot. She had volunteered to put hall decorating back into the production again with decor from previous events [made by me, except for the beach people...Ducky is mine] and I was there to assist in the put up and repair. The Hollywood sign is her master piece! It's very difficult to make HUGE letters and even harder when they are made out of table paper. They have no body and had to be taped to the rails...took some time and lots of bending. One thing about theater time is the great physical work out one gets by climbing the stairs numerous times to get stuff from the groups storage room [next to the H in the photo

The photo board was done by Wilma who did a great job in directing the cats that PoD had to herd...;)

Well done Director Wilma!

As mentioned, I attended Saturday`s performance and had a great meal with the company of some equally great people. Thanks PoD!

I sat next to one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met and we had a great time catching up on past stories of previous productions. Her and her husband have never missed a single one!

I can`t say much for the horrible idiot sitting right behind me during the play, except that `your a _hole! His name is Annoying Person...see photo below. He kept making loud comments to the characters and thought he was offering up support as an audience member, when all it did was throw them off! I hate those ones and that fact that he was drunk and or stoned didn`t help!

Our seats were closer than I`d liked but as one gets older it might be just something I have to get used to...;(

The odd outlining around the stage masks are reflective and not something paranormal...;)

The one thing I did like about these productions was the food table for the cast and crew! There was never any time to eat the meal provided or even the urge to eat a big meal while nerves ate at you so we would bring something for the snack table.

In the pic below it looks like there was an extra guest...

I hate to think there was dust around the food...;(

As for the probably could have used the food for energy....I little ghost humor...

And for actor`s humor... there is the awarding of the `Ham Award` which amazingly PoD did! That was one thing I didn`t do! I assisted in a few on stage but never announced...not my thing! The actor that I voted for didn`t win...;(

But I must admit my second choice did!

Again there was an added watcher...

As for being a dust mote...not bad for a hall being full of people with LOTS of movement...

It should have been snowing dust motes in the picture!

In all of my shots these are the only oddities that are unexplainable to me.

As for the single orb in most of the shots looks like the one that I get in a lot of my shots. There is one paranormal guy out there that feels that these ones have a tendency to follow a person...

Is this one mine or Pod`s....

As for comments on the was very funny and well done by all!

.....fellow thespians and crew!

And all you ghosts...;)


Snooty Primadona said...

I so miss doing theater but there are much younger & much better local talent than me these days. Still, I did community theater for many years & totally loved it! Glad it turned out well & that Pod enjoyed her experience. That can hook you for life.


Wilma said...

Yes, she did do a fantastic job & was great to work with. & I am so pleased that you are still available for advice.
Let's hope the rebuilding of the group continues, so that there will be more people to share the workload. We don't need anyone burning out ~ it is supposed to be fun!

BJ Roan said...

Go Pod! Looks like she was taught well. I had to smile at the 'annoying guy'. Seems like there is always one in the crowd.

Queen of Halloween said...

PrimaD...You are NEVER too old to be of help to those willing to listen and learn from EXPERIENCED advice! You have a lot to offer as there are so many little jobs that never seem to get done in those productions. As long as one is mentally young the rest have to adjust to our slower pace. A different age group can be refreshing...;)

Wilma...You know me...can't shut me up...sometimes too much advice...;( If no one else wants the program/table decor job, sign me up. the best...;) It's nice to see her out from under my shadow...hardest job ever! Proud of her talented or not! She's had a rough road trying to follow my act, so she thought. Happily she now knows better...Go PoD!

Thanks all of you for commenting!

Anonymous said...

oh I miss you and the pp so much those were great times!!

love yah