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Us Night Owls and the Shadow People

Friday, Feb. 25, 2011 [8:45ish] found PoD and I zooming up the front driveway to the Dodge Court House, where she dropped me off to go open the place. That meant I had to be alone in there for at least one minute...or how ever long it takes this old biddy...;{

I quickly sped [ran] my way through the creepy foyer to the safe room and down the stairs to the back door...where I had to WAIT another half a minute for PoD to pull up...;{

Couldn't wait outside because it was even colder than it was at last weekend's investigation!

Next time I'll remember to get the BACKDOOR key!

The whole time [1 1/2 mins] that I had spent in there, was already creeping me out but I wanted PoD to experience what she felt without my influence, so I didn't say anything to her. The one thing that I did tell her was that it was hotter in there than last week!

We sat in the car for awhile to get nice and cold before we entered the building. PoD shared a dream that she had about a man holding up a crystal skull in one hand while quoting something garbled from Shakespeare.

I didn't have any prophetic dream but did say that I was guessing on who was coming. I had been informed that the usual crew of four [2 women/2men] with some surprise guests...unsure on how many or who yet. I stated that I felt it was going to be all women with a possibility of "Matt the blind psychic" might come, as he had expressed an interest in the place. But then I said I didn't think so!

Finally too cold to sit outside any longer we ventured in...

It only took PoD a few minutes to feel the same creepiness that I did...I hadn't said anything other that not liking that part of the job...

Setting up our command post took all out a few minutes with the exception of blowing up the air mattresses! All of this was put into the adjoining room that the town had opened up by making the part-time law firm's office smaller. This was great for all of the other mattresses storage too as they were huge!

We set the ball up again on the foyer stairs before they came and the other trigger objects were later placed during their introductory tour....

I'll save you the wait....none moved!

We might have had some movement with the little red/white ball but it had gotten kicked, so the replacement can't be guaranteed to have been put back within the circle drawn on the floor. We made sure these were all really light weight but heavy enough not to be able to be blown by passing breeze from any foot traffic.

That was as far as we got for setting up our Camcorder or Game Cam. The Camcorder ended up recording the ball on the stairs. We did try to put it upstairs in the hallway to the court room but we needed an extension cord...which was all the way downstairs.

The heat and creepiness up there made us change our minds about going back up to try again!
The Game Cam was decided to go somewhere else later when the other arrived!

At 9:35ish we both heard what sounded like someone/thing stepped on the loose bottom stair at the back one was there!

10:03ish the lights dimmed for a second then we heard the elevator start to move. This elevator does NOT move on it's own...someone has to hold the button to keep it running!

No one else was in the building but us!

Finally at 10:30 pm they arrived! Two vehicles loaded with people...2 men and 4 women. The youngest CLPI member, Amy, couldn't make it...;( The other guest were 3 women PoD and I had met at their Symposium last Sept. I was right on the women and the odd thing was...Matt and his wife had planned on being here together but be became ill and couldn't...his wife came anyways! My premonition sort of came true. The guess wasn't from what they had said to me at the symposium either because MANY expressed a wish to do so on their next was only a matter of who could get the time to do so!

Jan, CLPI leader, likes to vary their investigations with different ways to research the mental aspect of being alone in a scary place plus have some fun while we do it. We don't joke around at all when out on a serious session as it is important to record things clearly without external noises.

So when she came up with this great idea to try out the "hands free, self filming investigator" apparatus that they use on these ghost hunting shows. Lots of laughs getting their version of it on the two willing victims, Marie & Treena. Terri opted to not try it and laughed her self silly watching as PoD and I did!

Marie was taken by Jan and I, blind folded, to the basement, where we left her alone in the Men's old jail room. She was then given a paper to read out loud after we had been gone a couple of minutes....

"You are in a very haunted location, say the words below and then find your way back to the safe room."
Guardians of the Spirit realm, hear and guide my plea.
When the witching hour rings true, bring the dead to me.
Bring all souls who hear my call and let their form be true
Once they've shown, go back again for then my wish is through!"

I was a little leary about leaving her completely alone in that room full of hazardous uncatalogued museum farm equipment with little walk room, so I waited at the stairway entrance to upstairs.

I was able to scare her by taking her photo as she turned the corner...;)

As for Treena, Brett and PoD, deposited her in the Judge's bedroom. She had to make her way back down through the living room, down the haunted hallway and back stairs after reading the same note.

This was a little scary for Treena as hers was the longest walk, whereas we should have taken Marie to the back bedroom in the Custodial Quarters instead...that would have been much more creepier!

It broke up the tenseness of the court house for me.

Jan then interviewed everyone on their take of the place and if we had any predictions etc.

Treena felt sadness entering Dodge then again upon entering the court house.
Marie felt anxious as this was her first ever investigation and not known what to expect.
Terri felt foreboding feeling about the place and also had a dream about us circle sitting in a kitchen with an empty chair that scoots across the floor toward her and she spoke to it.
Brett had a dream about a man named Al that lives in the old generator room and he can her a song playing, "Yesterday" by the Beatles.
John felt uneasy about the place.
I told you PoD's and mine.

As Brett and Jan went about deciding/setting up their command post and camera placements we toured around a bit in the dark areas. As we sat watching the monitor once it was set up, Terri saw a dark shadow standing next to Brett in the basement...then it was gone! This was caught on video hope it wasn't something explainable!

Once everything was set up and running, the whole group except for me [someone has to stay behind to monitor the video feeds and check for orbs and such] set off to explore the upstairs first.

That also was a good time to get the group photo before everyone got too tired and grumpy...;}

Before we set up the foyer stairs John had come out of the washroom closest to the stairs and said that it was unusually cold in there!

I wasn't able to get many Orbs and the dust motes were at a minimum so I will show what I did get...

As for being able to stay up too long we all had to crash at 4:15 am!

With the heat and their long drive [6hrs] and my usual crash of sugars...sleeping came easy!

For at least 3 hrs for me!

Kidneys and hot room made me have to get up ALL ALONE...seeing as there was no way I was sitting there all alone,, I had planned a breakfast meal to wake everyone up with. So I took PoD's car, went home for some cool air and made breakfast.

This is not something we normal do for sleep overs but as these guys have become close friends and let us bunk at their place for the symposium, I wanted to do this for them and my grand kids. It was only a baked "Wife Savers Casserole" but was enough to feed them and the kids.

My grand kids are old enough to be alone for hours as they are teenagers [or close to it, JD] and leaving them overnight without adult supervision was hard for PoD. Her father lives right across the street and we were only a block away but still difficult!

After breakfast we toured the building in the daylight giving the newbies a history lesson on the place. This brought us to lunchtime and we parted ways.

Yes...I gave them the key and lets them stay alone in the court house while we all had our naps! PoD stayed with her kids and I stayed at my place!

Until she called and we were away again...

To be I have to get the rest of the story from PoD as I didn't do too many investigations after that...I watched the monitors and kept note...

Stay tuned...

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