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PoD and I arrived Saturday evening [5:30ish] to see a very sleepy group trying very hard to wake up...must of been the heat

Or maybe the spirits trying to suck their energy......oooooo;}

I could just imagine how I would have felt if I had stayed there with them all of the time, like the town wants us to do...

I would sure like these groups to try to do these investigations in the summer time, when the heat is off, then maybe I would be able to spend the full time in there.


Get going they finally did...but not me!

I opted to stay and monitor the video feeds at the command post while the others did their thing.

This is where PoD had to input this next part...

"Us girls, Terri, Treena and Jan, headed off into the darkness with some of their electronic gear that would hopefully record any EVP's [electronic voice phenomenon] and an EMF [electro magnetic field] Detector, to pick up any activity in the areas we were working in. We call this "Ghost Radar".

We also experimented with the Ovilus, I nicknamed "Olli".

"Olli" works by measuring changes in the environmental energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, an extensive English word dictionary, and a function that phonetically sounds out words.

The device has seven modes of operation. It includes a dictionary mode containing 512 stored words, phonetic mode (sounds out words by syllable), a combination mode (both dictionary words and phonetics) and a “yes” or “no” mode. It also features an electromagnetic field (EMF) mode that verbally outputs EMF levels in milligauss, a level mode that only graphically displays EMF levels, and a dowsing mode that simulates virtual dowsing rods. In the courtroom the "Ghost Radar" caught a lot of "dots" [energy] along with words.

The only thing that scared me was the mannequin in the Judge's living room! Every time I saw that thing, it made me jump!

While we were in the Judge's bedroom, the bed moved with me sitting on it! Meanwhile the others felt the movement of it on the floor! I was surrounded by the others and asked if anyone felt that or nudged the bed and NO was the reply! That was spooky!

In the Custodial Quarters, Olli, cussed at us! Which it has never done before... like saying "F -U" a lot! When I asked it if it knew who I was, it called me "a dirty girl"...:?

In the basement hallway we were all sitting around quietly waiting for Matty, Terri's husband [who was back home sick] to "astroproject" to her [something they have been experimenting with]. They had set a time and we were all supposed to focus on his attempt.

It didn't happen.

Olli entertained by saying "Red Orb" once. When asked "Matty, can you say Jan"? Olli immediately said "Jan"! When they asked to repeat it again it didn't! It has never done that before! It even said my name! It also said "John" a lot [they have a member called that].

The "Ghost Radar" never worked in the basement"!

End of my report...back to mom"

While they did their thing, I monitored it and the others.

I did do another investigation as the basement was calling me...


We dragged stack-able chairs downstairs to the Custodial Quarters kitchen ,as we didn't want to sit on any of the museum chairs [not allowed], in case any broke. Terri's dream was about this area, so we all sat around with an empty chair directly across from her. In her dream this chair scoots across the room towards her and she asked it "Who is here and what do you want us to know from you?"

It didn't happen...;(

Sure was spine tingling waiting for it tho...;}

We had set up Olli in the same spot that the previous team did [CQ hallway in front of bathroom and in sight of main basement hallway] and it was trying hard to spit out words/sounds upon plugging in! More active than usual! At one point, through my own mental frustration with it, I said "use your vowels" and right away it started rattling off these vowel sounds! Lots of a child trying to get it all out without taking a breath! I swore at one point during this vast amount of spewing of vowels, it sounded like it said "thair for I am"[robot sounding]...that's what it sounded like not spelled like! I found that creepy!
A couple of times it used vowels when I asked it to use vowels? Other times it didn't? The word "vowels" does not activate anything in its programming.

At no time during this investigation did I have any ill effects from any of the searches! I did nibble quite a bit to keep the sugar levels high and spent more time in the cold air.

Again, I didn't get many "Orbs" or dust motes in my shots. In this below shot of PoD in the court room, I caught a single Orb and didn't notice the two orange orb-like objects. Checking later revealed street lights in the distance...we were just starting to close the curtains...

What turned out to be a smart idea was my Game Cam! I was able to capture more stuff and not have to be there or maybe be in some of the shots...;{

More Orbs...

The Masonic Mirror continues to give off it's mysterious lines...

Once again the "shadow people"/orbs did their "energy sucking" thing and we were all too exhausted to do any more! PoD and I decided NOT to sleep another night in this place! Her kids needed her [hubby works away] and my house needed me. We packed up as much as possible as they would be leaving as soon as possible when they awoke. I was taking the car and was going to see them off but she was not getting up to do so.

This is what greeted me the next morning....

Happily No One tried to sleep in the Judge's chamber...

And once again I didn't set up my camcorder in there either? If not movement at least sound...

Maybe next time...

That ends another investigation!

That Monday, I received a call from the local newspaper, wanting to do an interview about PoD and I. Arrangements we made to meet Friday, 6:30 pm at court house. I get a call on thursday night [before the interview] on "where are we"? He had been told that PoD had a meeting and we COULDN"T do it then...on the phone before said appointment...? Not boding well, I prepared a two paged description of us etc. to give to him. Which I did. At interview, which was to involve picture taking, his flash on the camera issued to him was faulty? Why bring an Iffy camera to an interview when pic might be important. Then two days after the interview he has a "roll-over" accident and loses info and maybe dead camera? He calls to let us know the details and warns that the issue might not have the said info with the statement that "they will print a retraction if we don't like what they printed. Kind of like to late if you ask me!

This should be interesting...

The reporter though it was a good job...

I only hope he remembered what it was that we didn't want him to be saying...

We shows up today!

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