Monday, February 14, 2011




Just another peek at my crazy world...
Happy Valentine's Day to my Family and Friends!

notice the melted's been spring like with water running on top of the ice...I'll have to chisel the hearts out of the snow to take them down....;}

AND NOW.......

A HAUNTING WE WILL GO....#8 Is happening Saturday, Feb 19 [day after my birthday], in our haunted Court House.

A paranormal group called "Shadow Hunters Paranormal" contacted the town and requested an investigation. The town contacted us and wanted to know if PoD and I would be interested in continuing our "Paranormal Babysitting" for them [no pay of course]. As this is our passion no pay is necessary...just to be a part of this research is payment enough...;)

So of course we said YES!

This is a new group to us. They are out of Saskatoon and list themselves as "Debunkers" with lots of technical equipment. Their group consists of six people listed as investigator's and investigator's-in-training. They said they don't normally travel with Psychics or Mediums but this time they have asked a well known "Celebrity Psychic Medium - Barb Powell" to join them for this one.

This one should be quite interesting. To bad the town doesn't invest in a live cam situation...maybe one day? They still won't let us log into their internet to try for ourselves...something about sercurities?


The next weekend, Feb. 25 & 26th, we will be hosting "Calling Lakes Paranormal Investigators" from Fort QueApple. This will be their 5th time here.

Shoud be really interesting....haven't had a good scare in a long time...:)


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Does this sound exciting or what? I do hope you post something about it all on Sunday the 20th!! Which, I hear is your birthday. Hmmmmm.

Snooty Primadona said...

Your shop looks great but you must be exhausted!

I'd love to be there for all of the paranormal fun!

BJ Roan said...

Happy Valentines Day. The shop looks amazing, as usual. Can't wait to hear about the investigation.

Queen of Halloween said...

HootinAnni...It is exciting and I ALWAYS write long [boring to some] accounts of what goes on in these investigations. My birthday is Feb 18 not the 20th...hint, hint..;]
PrimaD...thank you. It does take lots of work, which I call fun...sad huh? Wished all could experience this scary place.
BJ...Thanks for the compliment and you know I'll be writing...;)Happy V-Day to you!