Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Lest Ye Forget"...

I haven't!
My tribute to the's been lit since the 7th and will stay lit until tonight at midnight!

I remember the high pitched wails from the "War Sirens" that used to be in Edmonchuk [Alberta, where I was born]! There was one half a block from our house. When it went off one never knew whether it was real or just another practice run! Being that close to it made it really loud and quite impressive to a young child like I was. To this day, that sound, still sends the same chill down my spine and the old feelings of dread returns! Our town has a fire alarm siren that is about the same distance as the one from the olden days and it sounds the same!

That was the worst reminder that ones life/freedom could be taken away at any moment by unknown forces!

The other is the "Poppy"!

The RED Poppy!

Removing the War Sirens was a great thing for me and I hope they never have to return!

But removing the color out of the red poppy to promote peace sounds dumb to me!
All that does is make the red poppy insignificant!

Doesn't the red stand for the blood that was spilled for the sake of our freedom?

How does draining the blood that was spilled from that war symbol make it peaceful?

Removing the color from this symbol makes no sense!

The "red" poppy is the symbol for war reminding, isn't it?

Is this not the symbol for peace...
[I meant to show it as a white dove...oops]


I thought they could add it this way....

But I still don't like it on the poppy!

Other symbols like the health and disability Awareness Ribbons...

are represented by colors!
Removing the color did not change the reasoning for their awareness.
The white stands for something else!

 So today I am standing up for ALL of our Veterans who gave it their all for US! 


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