Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Halloween that is!

My haunt stuff arrived back from the town south on Sunday [7th], all loaded up in a 16' trailer! It was full!

Sadly only 2 had come to help the unloading? Their organizer thought my son would be home to help? He's only here 4 days out of a month?

45 minutes and tons of sweat later, all was done!

It was a happy person seeing them drive away...finally I could finish off the Halloween!

Alas, I had the full garage to contend with before work the next day...



Note all of the HUGE boxes!

I had packed everything into SMALL [managable by me] containers and had labeled what went in each box/container! The marked containers came back [not with the right stuff listed in it] but not the boxed ones that fit where I needed to put them!

Resorting took hours with the big goal to see that ALL of the big boxes were gone, before I was done! Except for the ones that held the mannequin parts. I was glad that I sorted them because they had included some of their stuff too! Plus I was missing a phony mechanical hand! Everything else seems to be there. I didn't go through the costumes or masks boxes as yet and it will be done a bit later.

All that was left was the transporting to their new hiding spots.

The next day, 2 vans [my outside storage units...our used vehicles] and half a room later hosted these treasures for another time. Thank you to the help of Pod!

My yard is a huge hill with a van on the top and one on the bottom! It's murder when cutting grass but a great leg work was the stairs to the storage room! Needless to say one didn't need to go to the gym later [as if I do anyways?]...;{ Can we say Jello Legs and arms!

So was it worth it?

To them YES.....700 victims were put through their haunt! They had to turn people away at Friday and Saturday night's performances. It was a roaring success! They charged 5.00 each so they made 3,500! There was no hall fee and their only big expense was the trade show curtain rentals and the advertising. I will guesstimate about 500 spent. So they might have cleared 3000! Not bad for 3 nights of performances! They said they had 30 people helping the last night and never needed our help.

To tell me!

Even though I/we didn't work or set up the haunt I/we did spend some time on THEIR project and has to be called volunteer work for them...

Get haunt stuff ready for shipping....4 hrs
How-to Haunt Info sheets..............6 hrs
2 trips [x2] for meetings.................6 hrs
Put away.......................................8 hrs
Total time donated.......................24 hrs minimal plus the use of ALL of my stuff for free

What kind of a price would you put on it?

All was done with the kindness of my heart

or stupidity...?

Did get a sealed card that said "Thanks it was so nice of you!" with the inscription that read..."Thanks so much QoH for all your help and letting us borrow your stuff! signed K. Players"

And a 50.00 Gift Card to a department store...

They plan on doing the haunt next year... 


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