Friday, May 22, 2009


5 Happy reasons upon opening my eyes this morning at 4:44...

1. right side of the grass....:)

2. its Friday!

3. half day of work today

4. old friends & maybe some new, arrive at courthouse 3:30ish


Our friends "The Calling Lakes Paranormal Researchers" along with a crew from CTV network will be meeting us at our haunted courthouse this afternoon to film a documentary on this group as they do an investigation of the place.

PoD and I have been waiting on pins & needles for this weekend to come! It was supposed to happen early in the month but a crew member from the CLPR team was unable to attend so it was posponed until today! So we've dreaded any emails.

Weather has been trying to throw its usual objections our way but does promise to play nicer later in the day? Right now [7:30] its cold and gloomy...if it wasn't so cold I'd call it an eerie start... The courthouse may still have the boilers running due to the cold weather lately so its bound to he hotter than hell in there again. Opening the windows only disturbs the inner readings so cooling off the place will be not happening. Will have to dress for "hot summer" while in I hope the night will be cool [not COLD] for the break periods!

Lately PoD and I had been thinking that we should start taking ourselves more seriously, thus other just might, and we decided on a name to call our venture into this unknown realm. There is another person who joins us during this sessions into this other world and she has had her own pyshic experiences. We now have a membership of 3 with 1 maybe & 4 kids...:)

We used to call ourselves "Orbs-r-Us" [my blog name] but felt that we do more than look for the meaning of "orbs". Our interests lie in the world of the unknown and seek proof to show the world what we already feel and have even seen!

So we came up with "the phantom hunters"

Phantom meaning: ghostly, apparitions...etc

Hunters...Duh....were going looking for them...:)

Cue the music...."ghostbusters"

"Who Ya Gonna Call"......

Stay tuned for this nights results [around 4:30 am ish].....


Wilma said...

Exciting! I can't wait to hear what happens.

May your evening be filled with spooky goodness!

Queen of Halloween said...

Want to go see some photo from the courthouse visit the ghost hunters site linked to an earlier story. Thanks for the well wishes

BJ Roan said...

The Phantom Hunters is a great name!