Saturday, May 23, 2009


The long day finally reaches 3:30 and no PoD! She arrives late [a few minutes that seemed like an hour] with a kid in the car. Her sister-in-law Nicky and daughter came, from a field near Edmonchuk [Alta] especially to be a part of this experience. Sadly both her and her child could not attend the first night as the legalities of the TV station would not cover her on tape?


Ends up the TV producer/crew couldn't make it!

Due to cut backs at the station, a film team could not go, but if the paranormal group could film themselves and then submit the final product, they would look at it. What a way to dash the hopes of this group! At least they still have a chance to have someone look at their work, in hopes of a TV segment, so I guess all is not lost for them.

Both my grandchildren love the paranormal as much as we do so I thought of a way they could experience this event and learn about what it is that we do we on these hunts. We now have a new chapter added to us and this is their ID badge...

Nicky's daughter Star seems to have the same attraction for this field, so she became a member of the young club too.

Now our membership is 3 adults & 1 possible addition with a junior chapter consisting of 3...;)

Both AJ & Star are doing science projects next year and thinking ahead they have decided to do it on our group , the court house and their part in looking for the paranormal. I thought this was a great idea and the Calling Lakes group agreed to be interviewed also.

Seeing as the group wanted to tour the building before setting up, so that their mediums/psychics/intuits, etc, could get a feel of the place. While they did, we gave both kids a video camera [ours] and proceeded to give them their first taste of what it would be like to film while hunting. I believe they are totally hooked!
This pic is of the basement and our young group [JD to the left & Star, AJ is filming inside the old generator room]. As for the "dust motes" in the dusty basement there seemed to be only three [upper right corner] visible? These kids drag their feet and the dust did a number on my you scoffers, where are they in the shot?

We had to leave a sad Nicky and go do our thing but thats what we are here to do.

Upon entering the court house it was nice to see that the group had upped their technical end of the researching. It's quite an expensive venture with all of the special electrical sensing stuff & tech stuff needed for hearing sounds not quite audible to the ear! I like to rely on my own senses otherwise but one does need that tangible proof for the skeptics.

This was one of the first of some of the weird looking shots. It was taken in the Judge's living room and it is of the lead paranormal investigator, Jan [pink] and her daughter Amy [who is psychic/investigator]. Look closely at the shot. All around the mirror is in focus except for the blurry hooks on the left. The weird part is the pic of Amy...notice the body size, head and curtain position around her head. Note the odd arrow looking line in both shots. Notice the line interruption on their shirts...doesn't it look like it crosses Amy then dips to the normal area then up onto Jan?

The next shot was taken right after this one. Everything was okay...?

Other problems were blurriness of my camera in some shots. This is a camera that is supposed to be blur proof?

Running out of time [blogger problems] will post soon...


BJ Roan said...

Weird! Interesting stuff. I think you Phantom Hunters found some phantoms.

BJ Roan said...

Oh, and I left you something over on Rubbish...come pick it up.