Friday, May 29, 2009

DAY TWO...Finally

It's been hard for me to write this part of the paranormal experience...

The biggest reason, is the agony I am in, from all of the sitting on hard chairs, going up & down 3 flights of stairs numerous times and standing on cement/marble floors! My backbone is now screaming from the shoulder area to the base of my spine [I want to walk around hunched over], the right hip joint feels like its disjointed, my ass cheeks feel like they've been kicked, both ankles are now "cankles" and my arches feel like they've fallen!

I've been living on muscle relaxants and hugging/laying/sitting on a heating pad!

Sleeping, sitting at the computer, watching TV, for any length of time, is out of the question!

I am just SOOOOO over-weight & SOOOOO out of shape!

Must add the SINUS HELL to the list!

I can't go into museums unless they have thoroughly cleaned their stuff! Old smells in that place now that the museum stuff is in there, has killed my sinuses! The nasal pain is so bad, I had to see the doc for nasal spray!

The other reason was my evening experience!

I've been trying to NOT think of what happened, but in turn have been trying to figure out what, when, why and...who?

Saturday morning saw me blurry eyed from lack of sleep due to memories of Friday's excitement and in some discomfort from the activities. Managed to do some grad decor and get in a nap or two. My mood was good and happier knowing Nicky could attend that night.

We let the paranormal group do their thing during the day [they went shopping in the town next to us] and PoD, Nicky and kids interviewed the group after supper.

I'd say it was around 8:00ish when we arrive to start the hunt.

The group had just finished doing a "mock court" session as we arrived and our first mission was to break groups, one going upstairs to do a "circle" session and the other down to encourage spirits to join the ones upstairs....this is where the Alzheimer had kicked in Friday's story.

My allergies got the best of me and I stopped going down to the basement. The basement will ALWAYS be creepy but the feeling I normally got wasn't there, so I felt I wasn't missing anything by not doing the mission.

Besides it's fun to watch the stuff happening on the cameras in the control center!

Our next mission as a group together was to do a "mock trial" in hopes something would either agree or show an objection. This is kind of an impromptu stage production. Our first attempt was about someone being accused of boot legging. We wanted to try a scenario from a possible trial that might have occurred here and maybe affected a spirit that might be hanging around still? We tried to make it as real as possible which is hard when its impromptu. Cameras, monitors and sensors recorded it all as we did it. Hopefully they got some results!

That was the fun part... lots of laughs and pics. Cast was: PoD as the Judge, Jan, the Prosecutor, Nicky was the accused & defended herself, I was the witness/camera person and Brett & Diane sat in the jury, mannequin was the steno Amy & John was the audience...

This is a shot where you see the strong tree ring style orb by Nicky's hand...that's supposed to be a dust mote, whereas the orbs by the door should be classed as spirits or energy bursts...?

Then we switched up making it a murder trial and use the scenario of the "Beechy Murder Trial"and the cast was: Me as the Judge, Pod the Prosecutor, Jan the accused, Nicky the witness with the others the same...note the huge orb in all of the shots?

This where one must say that the dust mote theory is evident here in this shot. The "dust mote" people say that the perfectly round orbs with what looks like tree rings in them are supposed to be the dust motes. The "orb" people say that the "energy orbs/spirits" are the bright and sometimes colorful ones...

This is what the camera caught as I was trying to agitate what was hanging around. I banged the gavel quite a bit, so it's possible that I riled up the dust. What I want to note is the variance of the images of dust mote/orbs. The blacked out spots are of PoD & Jan.

It was when we did MY final sitting in the protective circle that it happened...

All was going as usual...I was feeling just a bit bored, my mind wandering, hard seat making my body ache...when this feeling of INTENSE SADNESS slowly came over me! I found it odd that all I wanted to do at that moment was cry! I wasn't in that much agony from sitting that would warrant the crying sensation! I had felt this feeling once before when PoD and I toured the Moose Jaw Tunnels - the Chinese ones! I felt immense sadness in the opium den and the ending made me cry. I had marked that one down to feeling sorry for what had happened to them. I am an emotional person.

With these two feeling to compare, has made me wonder if I empathetically felt someone's ghostly emotion during that session? The sadness rates right around the level of anguish that I still feel over my sister's death. So much so, that it makes me reluctant to want to attend this Saturday's adventure!

Anyways, while this feeling is washing over me, PoD, sitting one person away from me, suddenly asked [in the dark mind you] "Mom, what's wrong"? She obviously couldn't see that I was in distress! We weren't holding hands so she couldn't feel my grip tighten?

I answered back..."nothing"...even though I WAS feeling odd.

The feeling got stronger and each time that it did, she asked what was wrong!

This went on for a few minutes and the feeling got so intense, that I felt I was going to embarass myself by bursting out crying, so I decided to get out of there as soon as possible.

I couldn't get downstairs and into the "safe" room quick enough!

Jan did a protective smudging around me after that episode and the feeling had disapated enough for me to relax.

I can't empasize enough how CREEPY that sad feeling felt!

I had always thought [TV didn't help] that one felt "posession" come over know...the violent writhing of the body...?

This didn't happen that way! I just felt myself get sadder and sadder!

I think I tried another sitting after that but decided to stay and watch the monitors instead!

It was during the last sitting of the group in the courtroom that both Nicky and I, watching the monitors, saw the same shadow crawl up the wall!

The camera showed a person sitting across from John turn on their flashlight thus illuminating him.

What I saw next made me go from mild boredom to amazement!

When the light came it caused a shadow affect on the wall behind him. The shadow then elongated up the wall [like the light was moving downward] until it got to the clock [I could see it through the shadow] and then opened it's arms like it was going to surround something in a big hug?

Then it was gone!

Thats when I saw that John was sitting slouched in a big chair and couldn't have possibly made that shadow let alone have exposed arms. His chair made that impossible!

Could Nicky and I have imagine the same thing at the same time? I DON'T THINK SO!

Another thing that we all noticed was our lack of energy! All of us felt DRAINED! Our emotions were of excitement on what transpired in the two days and of possible film footage but body wise, we could barely move?

We had also gone through a LOT of batteries for 24 hrs of film/photo time?

The courthouse's temperature was also quite cool inside which is odd seeing as it generally runs warm to hot? The wind did pick up around 2:30ish and might have caused some drafting/temp drop?

According to the paranormal researchers, these points cover the manifestation requirements to make ghosts/phantoms appear! ?

I think it was around 3:30 am by the time I got home.

Getting to sleep was hard! My thoughts were very emotional and silly me should have just cried and got it out of my system so I could relax.

I still feel that way!

The next morning was better and trying to be not too early, went to see if they had survived the night. The only one up was John and I found him sitting outside listening to the early birds. I guess it's just us old people who LIKE getting up early! It was nice having a chat with him and exchange life stories. Finally the lazy heads got their butts moving!

The courthouse in the daylight is very manageable!

I feel the shadow people still hang around in the daytime [hence the being watched feeling] doing their thing and why were aren't scared is the fact that is is DAYLIGHT and WE feel safe.

The basement is a DIFFERENT STORY!

It was sad to see them go for I know it will be awhile [Sept] before we see them again.

It was hard for me to let them drive away after seeing that photo of Amy & Gwen in the mirror. The eerie feeling of dread in the start of the research and tingly feelings of danger when I saw the shot and I couldn't control the flash though of "their heads are away from their bodies!"

Previous thoughts like these have come true and I wanted to be so wrong about this one!

Happily I was and they made it home safe!...

Did I enjoy the weekend?

Yes and No!

Do I want to go ghost hunting again?


But will my body make it...?

Will be doing a Micheal Jackson.....

got to go pick up some masks.....

meanwhile stay tuned for the "SASK GHOST HUNTERS SOCIETY" hunt...

PS: A part of the day not to be forgotten...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREBOR! Mom-in-law wishing you a happy day Friday May 29 th! Love yah!


Fairy Mae said...

I have goose bumps!

BJ Roan said...

I got goose bumps, too! But your bout of sadness hit home. Sometimes when I'm at work, I start feeling like crying for absolutely no reason. I decided it was just hormones, but it's strange I only feel that way at work. It doesn't happen everyday or all the time. The feeling has been so strong, I have mentioned it to one of my co-workers. Hmmmm. Makes me think. I'm looking forward to more from The Sask Ghost Hunters Society.