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It's finally Saturday [pretend] and it's time to do what I love to do for fun!


My quote:

Some get off on riding roller coasters...
That scares the crap out of me!

I get off on the thrill of the unknown...
All that goes bump in the night!

Early Saturday morning saw me doing more building on grad/wedding decor.
The problem of the moment was the archway...something that would suit both functions. Both need one for entrance and one for photo op. Happily I came up with solution to both!

Next thing I knew it was Garage sailing time! 3 places! Not bad for a small town! Got lots more NEEDED stuff [spent 4.00 on my project & 16.00 on PoD's family].....:)

Moving around helped with the aches & pains [be happy you didn't have to put up with all my crabbing like I had to] and made me tired enough to take a nap...needed to be ready for the long night/morning ahead!

Nap turned out to be sporadic because the PHONE kept ringing!

Next thoughts were of excitement.....is it time yet?

Got all of my supplies/equipment [camera]/snacks, ready for the night's adventure by the time PoD arrived to pick me up at 3:00. We spent the next hour pumping up ourselves for the evenings events by watching the videos taken by the kids last weekend. They both did really good with their filming...better than I would have done!

Our group for this weekend is the Saskatchewan Ghost Hunters Society out of Saskatoon [http:/www.saskghost-hunterssociety.ca]. They were here April 17 and are coming back to accumulate more data and clear up some questionable sounds from the last time.

Not being able to wait any longer we decided to wait at the courthouse and maybe get the "feel" of it before they arrived.

I didn't feel apprehension like I normally do when entering this time.

I did feel like it was waiting and the being "watched" feeling was still present.

PoD & I did some clearing of space in the "Council Chambers" where the command post was to be set up and removed most of the huge chairs to the front foyer. Before we knew it, they had arrived!

It was great seeing the familiar faces of: Miles, founder/lead investigator, Jen, pr/research/investigator, Chad, investigator/research, Yancy, investigator/researcher.

PoD and I got our first look at the process that involves setting up to record our court house "Phantoms"....

First, the unloading of equipment...more stairs...;[

Next, was discussion on where to set up which involved MORE stairs...

Leaving that with PoD [she's our techie], I thought I'd conduct a little experiment on my own, with this rubber ball that they had brought with them.

The foyer in front of the main staircase seemed to be a great place to place it, hopefully out of the way of any traffic. I made sure that there wasn't any dirt around the ball that might impede it's ability to move freely, placed it with the logo facing upward. Satisfied that the ball wasn't going to roll on it's own [the floor slopes gentle downward towards the entrance] I cautiously stepped back far enough to take a shot to record the position of the ball/logo with the background. That's when I realized that the camera setting was on "movie" and was filming it. What I had wanted was to take still shots...

While I was mucking with the camera trying to change the settings...

two feet in front of me...

The ball gently rolled towards the entrance way for a foot & half, curved and continued rolling for about 6 inches, then stopped!


You can't imagine how excited I was at that moment!

Short of jumping up and down I managed to remember to take more shots in case it moved again!

I've tried to recreate in drawing form to show what happened from the 2 photos I was able to take...

I have the short movie clip that shows the ball being still and not tottering, plus the 2 after. Note the background for placement and positioning of it. There is no way I could have reposition the ball and got the same placement/level...etc. if I was to do the moving myself!

I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED....where was the movie camera when it happened? Oh yeah...I could have got it on movie myself if I'd only left the settings alone.....

Of course I had to tell someone...

No one around to tell....

All are busy...

I finally got a hold of PoD, then Miles, who immediately had to see whether it was de-bunkable or not....? Far as I'm concerned the shots prove it and my eyes agree...

After that wee bit of excitement [for me] we got down to equipment placement.

Here's some of the places:

The third shot in the photo above was the best out of three take of this set-up. Every shot was dark yet all others in the other places were brighter? The flash on the camera wouldn't work either while in there yet worked for other rooms?

I pushed the button just like the other times...

Jen set up a motion detector against this courtroom door just inside of the creepy hallway that Judge Orr said sounded like someone/thing was walking up & down it, when he was locked in overnight that one time.

Good thing from the looks of this photo that I wasn't too close to it or I would have set it off...;)

My quality of shots are usually better than the ones taken that night and after awhile I stopped taking them so there won't be many. I had to change cameras often, one would stopped working only to have to switch back when that one it would quit...?

Jan, PoD and I took some of the "toys" the group had brought and placed them in various locations throughout the courtroom for the phantoms to play with and be recorded on different devices. It takes LOTS of energy building to do this and hopefully their Electromagnetic field meters will record any spikes in their areas? See their site on the tech terms...;)

Pictured is:
-the ball...hopefully something will try to move it again!
-a bell that can be moved or maybe rang...there's even dust to write in..;)
-corn starch with a "loonie"/two other small objects [can't remember] in it and will mark movement or maybe spirit writing?
-a LED candle for them to turn on.

The guys put a stuffed rabbit on a chair in front of the camera in the vault in the basement and the ball sat just outside of it on the floor.

Visually we never got to see anything move and no one mentioned hearing anything either from these objects...that doesn't mean to say that nothing was recorded.

While we were doing this we stopped by the "witness room" to take shots of the "Hanbidge" display of his lawyer's office. I found a pipe/tobacco pouch lying beside a metal ashtray stand. the ash bowl was missing and was found to be lying under an easel. It looked like someone/thing had hit the pouch or pipe, knocking it to the floor at the base of the stand and the bowl part rolled under the easel 3 feet away. This could have happened at any time so we set it back up to see if it had been a ghostly act then or maybe it might happen again?

It didn't...

It seems these guys have read my blog [welcome] and now bug Miles about my "Rack Russell Terrier" traits and did note my apprehensions about being back after my last weekend's experience. They gave me a laminated card that read about an invocation of Arch Angel Michael. This is to the read/spoken before entering into our type of ventures. I'm not religious [this is not meant to be] but I figured I'd cover all bases anyways just to NOT repeat that experience again!

Invoking the Arch Angel Michael

Michael to the right of me,
Michael to the left of me,
Michael above me,
Michael below me,
Michael within me,
Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue,
Please protect me.

I put it next to my heart...

I can happily say I wasn't bothered at all that night/morn by any weird thoughts/feelings. Granted I didn't ask for them to either!

Did it help?

PoD and I received this real nice surprise...
We are both now official "Associate Members"!

How cool is that!


We are truly honored!

PoD was in her glory as she wasn't the only smoker and we got to have lots of breaks during the night/morning...;) This is the ONLY time that I'm happy she does...just kidding It gives us much needed excuse to get out for awhile, plus FRESH air!

While they were busy doing their thing I went around taking shots of our wonderful place while it was still light out...

This one is kind of cool with the half moon in it...
We were also waiting for Mike [?], the guy from CTV News out of Saskatoon, to come!
The station was doing a news bit on the group and on it's recording of the courthouse!

He did eventually get there [9:00ish] and we still had some daylight left for him to film the outside.

All decided to go on the tour except for me...NO more excessive stairs if I could help it! Besides, I liked watching the action through the camera's eye. They had six split screens to view at once...which can make you go bug-eyed after awhile.

I hate being on camera!

Guess what?

I had to do an interview on why I like doing this!Need I say More!

Did I mention that I freeze when in the spot light!

I'm sure I'm going to come off like a startled deer in vehicle headlights!

THAT over with and the news guy gone, we got down to the night's events...

We all had missions to do, which was one on the more tech end of the scale. I was happy with that fact...I didn't want to use my "sensors" after last time. This is the nice fact about the difference ways that these groups use to do their research... me, I'm a watcher/listener and like to observe.

I'm recording also...them! We are compiling a history of the building's phenomenon and on who are doing it. This will go the the museum also when done.

Of the few pic we got, PoD got some of the better shots...

Here's Chad, multi tasking and Yancy going bug eyed watching all of the cameras...

The ONLY ORB taken all night between the both of us was this one by PoD...

Has anyone noticed that there is no ORBS or DUST MOTES in ANY SHOTS taken by us...


In all, it was a quiet night [while we were there] and no visual stuff except my episode with the ball.

PoD and I decided to call it quits at 3:30 am.

The others were going to sleep in different locations throughout the building?

Where they nuts!

Jen was going to sleep in the basement next to the vault doors...!


I had no trouble in falling asleep where I lived!

And boy did I sleep!

My intention was to get up early [I slept in and didn't get up until 9:30] and go see and TRY to help take down...not to mention curious to see how it all went?

They were already gone!

Later that day, PoD and I went back to make sure all was okay [had no reason to think otherwise] and found a thank you note from them. They had been to excited to sleep and wanted to get back quickly to see their results...this was at 5:15 am.

All was quite in the building once again and I swear it was smiling as we left...;)

P.S. Update...

Received a phone call the other night from Jen on whether I had seen the news broad cast or not. Sadly we can't, as neither of us have TV channels. It seems their story was aired in Regina & Saskatoon on the 3rd and it was the 3rd story [?]. Happily nobody mentioned my headlight stare...;) [PoD's neighbors kids came over to see their neighbourhood celebrity after seeing it]. Jen also said that they had gotten LOTS of stuff on what they had gone through so far and it was only 2 hours of it! Can hardly wait for their reveal some time soon! Keep track of their progress on their site...

Well thanks for sitting through this epic tale [I tell no short stories] and hope I have made some of you skeptics into believers....

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