Sunday, May 24, 2009

DAY ONE...continued

Sometimes I have to end my stories before I'd like to but lately this site is slow and downloaded pictures come and go as they please....?

Anyways....back to our weird evening...

I'd forgot to mention the complete joy I felt when I saw the members of the Calling Lakes Paranormal Researchers [CLPR] arrive! It was seeing lost family members again! After getting over how aged everyone looked [probably had the same thoughts about me] it was like no time had ever passed. These are some of the nicest and genuine people I have ever met. The original members were there: Jan, Amy & John and two new to us: a medium named Diane and their techie, Brett.

PoD and I arrived around 8:00 pm and they had everything all set up ready to go. Big thing of the night was "watch out for the wires" and where were the stationary cameras set up? People are more relaxed in the dark thinking no one can see them, night vision makes all look weird including the facial expressions...;) This group also have the capabilities to show all 4 cameras on computer screen so we could watch "orbs" [dust motes ;)] to our hearts content...:)

CLPR is a "hands on" experimenting investigators. Everything is done in a group and they like to do a lot of "circle" sitting. Which is done in a circle [duh] and everyone either touches knee to knee or join hands thus forming a binding circle with the intent to keep all entities/spirits/etc. out, leaving the center as a safe zone. Which is VERY important as I experienced on Saturday...:o?

*Note: Upon rereading this post this next next part is of Saturday night...must be the Alzheimer again! I don't want to re-write it so bear with me...:)

We did do a split-up, a group would be upstairs in the courtroom and the other down in the basement.

I must mention that the majority of activity and research is done on the top floor and basement, the main floor [office areas] is used as the main command post and is a cooler zone. I have gotten stuff on this floor but generally consider it to be boring...;)

PoD, Nicky and myself were the bravest and always did the basement! It seems the group had decided that the activity was mainly in the courtroom and apart from the initial group trip to film all of the rooms in the basement they concentrated on upstairs. Our group [all three of us] felt that the basement was the place to be?

I have the usual apprehension when I enter this building and this weekend was no different! It was my turn to hate the basement this time! The museum stuff still held the allergens that bother me, so I did go forearmed with medication for it but it wasn't good enough. I'm still suffering so this Saturday [May 30] I will wear a mask while down there!

PoD was holding her cool quite a bit this trip, took the lead, as we traversed to the basement in the dark with only small flashlights to show the way. I don't know whats worse, total darkness or small beams of light that causes things to look like they are moving just out of its rays? Nicky was in the middle and I braved the rear. PoD held the temperature reader and registered the room temps as we entered them, to judge whether there is a temp drop due to a spirit trying to draw energy in order manifest itself in some way. Nicky held her video camera, which has night vision on it, [this kind of camera has a limitation to recording the immediate area and not good for far away] and she recorded as we went. I took the still shots.

All was its normal "spooky in the darkness" feeling until we went into the men's jail room. This room is now being used as a store room for housing all of the old stuff and Nicky sensed that a man's spirit was still attached to an old two-man saw and that there was a little girl spirit hanging around. I'm forever the skeptic until I've experienced seeing or feeling it myself and hate being judged false, so I TRY to keep an open mind about others. I didn't have that feeling. The one that I had was of being watched making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a lot! I took lots of shots and got nothing...not even dust motes! I got one of my many "out of focus" shots and this camera is supposed to not do that, "movement proof"...maybe one can't trust manufacture's guarantees after all! or?

Our mission was to rile up what ever was down there and hopefully create some activity for the ones upstairs. So we talked to the darkness urging whatever to give the upstairs people a good run for their money [nobody paid anything] and tried to appeal to their wanting to be known [reason for manifestation]. No visual reactions like things moving or any strange noises while in there, so we moved on to the Custodial Quarters. I do have to admit that while I was in that room the hallway, just outside the doorway, creeped me out A LOT! It was hard to lead the way back out into that hallway but urgency to get out of that room became stronger!

PoD still had to lead the way into the quarters to meter it and I was feeling too vulnerable in the back but I did manage to keep my cool...:) I felt nothing in the quarters!

*Note: These shots were taken on Friday
They were of the tour in the Custodial Quarters:
The the shots closest to these ones were clear and I wasn't moving as I took them. The third one even has an orb in it. Notice the 4th shot is clear. The lighting in the room is quite dark even in the daytime as the windows are painted black from the Haunt times.

This is the area that the Ghost Hunters from Saskatoon got their shot of the shadow on the wall which would be right where I was standing! See their web site for more on what they got from their investigation.

Our excursion into the quarters, the courtroom and Judges chambers was uneventful and other than creepy feeling of being watched again. A snack break was in order too, as we all were starting to feel tired. I will chalk the lack of energy from the others being due to their 6 hour drive to get here. I did a half days work and TRIED to get a nap in, but Friday is the day everyone dumps what they've been holding all week in order to make me work through the weekend...I curse business at this time!

After our break our next mission was the courtroom to do a safety circle in order to ask for signs of proof of these spirits that are in there.

I like to do this part of a mission, as one can use their senses and draw energy from the positive feelings from others. This is supposed to help them tell us their story?

The CLPR team consists of the founder & lead investigator Jan, who is "sensitive" films the sessions, Amy can see spirits and does the still shots, John can see spirits and has previously experienced "possession" [he's the oldest of our group and was still in recovery from a knee surgery], Diane is a "Medium" and Brett was their tech person with the same psyche feelings. Lastly our group has sensed and seen lots!
Here is a "bright orb" shot that night some feel that the bright orbs are not classified in the "dust mote" section and falls into the "spirit" classification. I did take lots more and some were iffy so I won't include. The session was lots of sightings of the shadow people by the "seers" and some saw bright orbs. I, myself, got nothing except a sore back, butt and swollen feet from sitting too long. Hopefully the video camera and stationary camera got some recordable proof. That's the let down of the project! One wants to see something for themselves and hope that others see it too!

We shut down early....3:00 am as we all were pretty tired and the emotion one feels is like one who rode the roller coaster way too long! I had a hard time trying to get to sleep when I got home so I think it was around 4:30 that I finally unwound!

Only to be awaken by my cat who is used to me getting up early, so 7:00 was pushing it for her!

I felt like I had been on a BIG DRUNK!

Granted 2 an half hours is not enough sleep but once up it's hard for me to go back to sleep especially went my next waking thoughts were of the nights/morning events!

The "hang-over" feeling lasted all day but did manage to get some nap time. Tried to do some decor planning/doing but pooped out. It didn't help that my legs/butt and feet were sore from all of the stair climbing, excessive sitting on hard chairs and standing.

Yet I'm still excited to go and do it again exhausted or not!

Stay tuned for Saturday night's events....


BJ Roan said...

The orb is amazingly easy to see. You have more guts than me. I don't think you would ever catch me in our courthouse during the night! Early morning is bad enough.

Queen of Halloween said...

Makes one wonder about those places. I wouldn't want to work in one all day long like you do, so your the brave one...:)