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Man...where to start...

PROHIBITION...taken from Wikipedia
Refers to a sumptuary law which prohibits alcohol. Typically, the manufacture, transportation, import, export and sale of alcohol beverages is restricted or illegal. In Canada it ran from 1900 to 1948 in various provinces and territories. Finally being repealed because of the laws being unenforceable. Government realizing that they could not stop people from drinking entirely, temperence advocates successfully pressured all provincial and territorial governments to curtail the sale of liquor through the tight control of liquor control boards.

Which by the way, the Alberta Government has now turned over to the private sector by getting rid of their control?

Alcohol has always been a sore point in my life!

It caused many a sad and unhappy time for me at home. I loved my dad dearly, but when he was drunk he was NOT a nice person and his hangover mornings taught one to avoid him at all costs! I grew up hating Christmas in our house as the merriment would start early in the day Xmas Eve and gradually end up to a full blown fight/arguement as they got drunker and drunker! He wasn't the only one who was affected by it as it was a favorite of my step-mother's also [she preferred the hard stuff]. So Xmas morning children learned to tip toe over enthusiastic loud children there!

Drinking wasn't only just for the holidays it happened pretty well every weekend! Early in my life I remember the irresponsibility of my parents as they thought nothing of taking those cases of beer, children and head out for a weekend at the cabin. It was a wild ride there and even a wilder ride back after it was over. I have a ride that is burned into my memories of nearly hitting the ditch and hearing my father laughing as it was happening!

Happily after my step-mother came, put a halt to his excessive drinking!

I'm not saying that all was bad with their drinking as we did have some fun times. My dad was hillarious, musically talented and could dance a mean step dance of the metis. Alcohol was the main staple at most family gatherings.

I learned to HATE my older sister for her "Indian rages" when she was on the stuff. We roomed together and I always paid the price when she would get home drunk...she was only a teenager!

For myself...I found that I can't touch the stuff either! I became like the rest of my family when drinking too much.....

I call it "Going Indian"....which by the way I can say as I am part native!

After all it was the "Demon Alcohol" which help destroy our first nations heritage! Look what it did to them!

As to the present...I still feel the same way about the stuff!

Many a function I have gone to in this small town [and others] only to watch descent people turn into assholes when they've had too much to drink! All their inhibitions drop by the way side and morals fall like rain! I listen to those who have young teenage children say that they would rather have their child drinking with them than out with their friends? Like these kids don't do it otherwise? And that makes it justifiable in their eyes!

How many people do you know that their lives have been ruined because of the DEMON LIQUOR?

Don't get me wrong....I see no harm in having a drink or two [I try to have a beer at least once a year] on a hot day or at a party. It's the TOO MANY that changes a person from someone nice to the real monster inside!

MARIJUANA doesn't do that!

I can say that because I have used it throughout the years!

In the beginning I was against it just like everyone else!

I HATED the hippie era!

Many think I was into the PEACE AND LOVE crap of that era but I WASN'T! I based my opinions on what I heard about the stuff and thought it was bad just like everyone else. I wasn't introduced into the scene until I was 22.


That's what I like about the stuff the most!

ALCOHOL & Marijuana has various effects...usually the alcohol winning out!

Ask many a person who has tried the stuff and most will say the stuff makes them fall asleep.

I ask can you be a belligerent asshole when your asleep?

Because of my diabetic feet I suffer from massive leg spasms plus the diabetic medication causes a lot of bowel problems. High blood pressure and heart problems need to be medicated. All LEGAL medications that I am taking for these problems cause more stomach upsets and don't really help especially for the leg spasms!

I'm in LEGAL MEDICATION HELL! Doctors make money off of their prescribing you these WONDER [?] drugs so do they really care what hell your in. It's always a case of too bad thats all they can do?

I have tried to ease these problems with the use of MJ but the two of them don't work so well together and I have to stop something.

Sadly it has to be the's ILLEGAL you see!

The government and you people against the use of this wonder drug [which the indians used to use as great cure-all] are acting just like the stupid people who were against alcohol!

Face it...any drug whether it be alcohol, valium, the happy pill and marijuana, when used in moderation is okay!

I could go on and on about the benefit of the use of this PLANT but I won't as it's like "beating a dead horse"!

Can you imagine the money the government would make if they LEGALIZED marijuana! Can you imagine how it would HURT the underground trade on the sale of that stuff!

As for controlling the over usage of don't need to!

Smoking more of the stuff does not make you higher! If anything it puts you to sleep!

Drinking more......YOU DO THE MATH!

I have never heard of anyone poisoning themselves on MJ like they can when they drink too much!

As to the addiction.....

How many AA meetings are there in the world?

How many Teen Al-anon meetings?
How many young people do we have to help destroy?

But then, the Government thought it was a GREAT idea to make money off of people who are addicted to gambling, by introducing those "one armed bandits" and covering their ass by offering help to those who do get addicted to them!

How stupid is that!

CANADA....wise up!

Show the rest of the world some intelligent thinking for a change...............!

For those of you who have NEVER tried the stuff.....

What right do you have to impose your THOUGHTS on it!

Don't knock something until you have tried it!



Jeannie said...

difficult for me to comment as I have never, ever smoked M. Can't even spell it! Although I have heard the good stuff is excellent for many medical problems, such as M.S. etc.

I enjoy a drink, but as I have got older I appreciate my limits.

Actually, I fall asleep after just a few, which is good, so I don't go haywire!

Interesting post though, with some very deep thoughts contained within it.

My only prob with M would be that nowadays (apparently) it is not so "pure" as it was in the old days.

Insightful stuff.

J ;0) Marvin's Mama

Queen of Halloween said...

Thanks for the comment J, most are afraid of this subject? I agree about the "pureness" being gone and most of it is garbage. Legalizing it would change that. I do miss the old stuff...:) Hope your trip went well..:)

BJ Roan said...

I believe the downside is the munchies ;)

Queen of Halloween said...

That was a BIG down side for me...:(

But nice for those who need that to help them live...:)