Monday, April 20, 2009


Both of my grand kids just love "being scared"! They have watched scary shows and have been around my Halloween fetish from an early age, so much so, that it takes a lot to scare them. I know it sounds terrible but they love the "apprehension/thrill" just as much as PoD and I do. So much that PoD really has to put up restrictions on what they get to watch and experience!

They weren't too happy that they couldn't get to go on a "ghost hunt" with us!

Both were told that they would have to wait until they are sixteen before they would even be considered to be able to attend and only if deemed they were mature enough to handle it.

Disgusted with the answer and not being able to go, my grand son said to his mom...

"But Grandma is OLD! She's going to die...! I'll never get to go....!"

I laughed my head off when I heard that!

It's was kind of like the time I was asked by my son "how my trip was in the covered wagon in the OLDEN DAYS", when he was 10...:)

p.s.- Both kids were still awake [but in bed] by the time PoD got home at 2:30 am and wanted to know all of the details...

"Chips off the OLD Block"....:)

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Jeannie said...

yes, kids have the knack of making you feel ancient, I agree!

My daughter when she was young sometimes amazed me with her questions about "the olden days".

They always bring you donwn to earth don't they?