Thursday, April 23, 2009


My grandson, JD, just had to do me one better yesterday!

His dad, sister and him were out in the backyard playing dirt hockey with two little plastic hockey sticks [PoD's not too keen on the real ones either]. JD didn't have one but was compensating by diving for the ball and playing it that way. From all reports, he and his sister were tussling in the trees/bushes, to get this ball out, when her stick collided with his lip!

All PoD heard & saw, when the trio came into the house, was LOTS of blood and tears from the both involved in the crash! JD because of the collison results & AJ, because she had caused it. It was just an accident! Pandimonium reigned until a course of action was taken...trip to the emergency room!


Big slash inside the upper lip which will need stitches but Doc too busy to do right away...kid must wait until after [Doc's] supper [kid couldn't eat before being stitched]. I think the swelling will probably help the stitching area.

Both his front teeth also suffered. Happily they weren't knocked out but were both chipped off and their nerves exposed. JD said that the air on his teeth made them hurt, so a trip to the dentist is in his future. Hopefully they can get in quickly.

After the hospital trip PoD dropped by with JD to let me see his NEWEST addition to the list of accidents [recorded by hospital] already sustained by this "clutsy" kid. The upcoming stitches will make it his 3rd set of them! Adding to the list is: a cracked nose, "road rash" 2x [in same place a week apart], dropped heavy bed frame injuring his big toe and to remove a crayon that he had shoved up his nose...? Even his daycare had a big accident file while he was there. Happy none had been life threatening [not from lack of trying] and he still has his "nine lives"...:)


His lip was quite swollen and I'll take my sore foot over that one! Seeing his poor face brought back memories of MY own children's mishaps. It really does make one want to wrap one's children/grand children in bubble wrap to keep them safe! Maybe I should have asked Velvis to drop her large amount of bubble wrap off when she came home for Easter...:)

Too bad it always has to be an accident in order for one to learn to be careful!

A phone call after supper related news that it had taken 3 stitches! They had worried that it would take a few people to hold him still while they did it but he took it like a "trouper"! Which concidering the tender place and the fact that the needle is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! He did great!

It must be the fact that getting stitches wasn't new to him!

All I can say is: "DON'T GET INTO THE HABIT"....your MOM/GRANDMA can't take it!

If it is a contest....his owie wins!

P.S. I still haven't called to see whether toe is broken or not....maybe today [NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS?].....

Hope today is an eventless day....


Anonymous said...

ahh bubble wrap--a safety net for all.

love yah

BJ Roan said...

This post sure brought back a few memories of son, whose idol was Evil Knievel.

Jeannie said...

oh my! My youngest son, always was getting up to something which involved long waits at our Casualy department (ER?)......he has had lots of broken bones, and the worst of which was a broken cheek bone and a lopsided face (which is very handsome normally) until a metal plate was inserted. He now sets off the security alarms at all airports!

Hope JD is feeling better now! My son once walked backwards off a high wall......don't ask!