Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Don't Worry...Be Happy..."

Well, I made it through another year!

I've just spent my Xmas season working my way through all of our backed up orders! Thankfully the public hasn't found it's way here yet to pick up their stuff. I've been open but blizzardy conditions have kept them home. PoD has been busy with the kids and NEW dog. She's anxious to have them go back to school and I'm anxious to have her back at work again! Don't know what the dog is going to do?

I need her!

This is not a one-man-job!

I hate year-end rushes!

Do I sound panicky...?

I'm not really...thanks to my New Year's Resolution for 2009...

"Don't Worry...Be Happy..."

My son, BillyRoo, has been off since Dec. 20 and it's been great spending time with him [between video games]...;) Thumber now has somebody else to bug!

I've been find out lately, that Thumber is one strange cat? Since Suki has passed on, Thumber has let me know that her and Suki had played a lot together. Suki always demanded my time and drove Thumber away by hissing at her. I thought they hated each other? Thumber sometimes calls out [sounding meow] now, whereas she had never did that before. Suki was always the one that did the sounding when she was in a playful mood and now I believe she was calling Thumber. Thumber is either now, calling for Suki or hopefully she only wants to know where I am. Or is it a way that cats howl sometimes just like dogs...?

I still miss Suki! But I'm happy knowing she isn't in any more pain.

This year had started out dismally, in the financial department, yet ended up being one of the most productive years, since being out on my own! I haven't been busy in December in 6 yrs! It will be interesting to see what this year will bring...?

I still haven't heard from Doc on how my "stress" testing went. No news is good news?

The bad department area, has been my sugars!

I hate the chocolatey seasons! I thought I had my chocolate addiction under control but I was wrong! Sad seasons make me want to eat comfort!? Sugar is my enemy, so why is it my comfort?

"Don't Worry...Be Happy..."...?


BJ Roan said...

Hopefully, this will be an even better year in your work world! BJ

Queen of Halloween said...

Thank you and you in yours...Queen

Wilma said...

I'm so glad you had a busy season - I know it is sometimes so slow for you.

I'm glad we're going to be happy together, so happy together!

Poopsie Blue said...

Running late as usual - thats me!
Anyway glad you've had a busy season.
And, a very Happy New Year to you.

PS - please feel free to link to me, if you like to of course...