Monday, January 05, 2009


With a "good year" income looming at tax time, becomes the need of the business year end write-offs!

The Ex had found a good deal, in "Toon Town", on 22" wide computer monitors and the sale was only on Boxing Day [Dec. 26].

I have NEVER been able to afford to go shopping on this day! I didn't really want to go! I hated the fact that it was a 2 hr drive there and back, with chances of weather conditions. BillyRoo wanted to go, because it had been awhile since he'd been there. So I thought..."why not"! Have fun...BE HAPPY...

The drive was good and we had lots of chatter, which made the drive fun.

Experiencing the city on Boxing Day, wasn't!

Silly me, thought that maybe the stores might be emptier, less being able to afford to shop?

Boy was I wrong!

The Ex wanted to make sure that we both got this monitor, so he figured on getting there a half hour early. We were the 3/4th people in the line-up. By the time it opened [9:00am sharp] there were about fifty people! This store holds a max of 20 at one time!

Then a lady decided to add her shopping cart?

Getting the item wasn't the problem!

It was waiting for a till to be available!

2 tills, 6 clerks [1 still learning how to operate one]...elbow to elbow people!

45 minutes later we were freed!

We got our monitors!

We hadn't even started to shop yet and I was already done in! It didn't help that I hadn't taken my insulin yet and the STRESS that I had just gone through made me feel worse. We took a break and decided to fuel ourselves up before attempting more.

One hour later, I was ready to go home!

Shopping had gotten worse!

The late risers had flooded into the malls! Everybody and their dogs was there!

I didn't find that there was much that was on sale, yet everyone around me, was acting like everything was? They were in a frenzy! Then there were the ones that ran into long lost relatives/neighbors! "Park your shopping cart anywhere", attitude!

I went home disappointed! :(

I expected much more?

One good part was, I didn't spend as much as I COULD have...:)

I did get a wonderful deal on my new "skinny" monitor and just love the room [for more junk] that it gives me.

Life couldn't leave me with "Being Happy" about the new monitor?

"Because it doesn't WORK"!

Seems, my OLD computer, needs to be UPGRADED, in order to have my NEW monitor to work!!?

WHY can't life be SIMPLE?

Today, Jan. 5th, will be the first moment I've had, to be able to get somewhere, to pick up the fix that its needed.

A new video card?

It's been 9 days of weird/greenish/distorted screens/bad pixels...etc!

I feel my eyes are going to bug out of my head if something doesn't change soon!

One never misses something until you can't have it!?

I'm even beginning to think, distortion, is starting to looking good?
My luck...there won't be any cards around! [Why would I phone first to find out whether or not they have one?]

The other reason for going, is the need for stuff I can't get know, fussy cat, me.

All I need is for the weather to behave...!


BJ Roan said...

I try my best to avoid Dec 26th shopping, having made the mistake of going once several years ago. It's a nightmare I never want to re-live! Computers! Glad you survived!

BJ Roan said...

I hope you are surviving the cold. It's freezing here. I'm complaining, but suspect you have it worse than me. My car didn't want to start this morning, but finally did. I thought I would have to walk the 1/2 mile to work this morning. I've been back in Illinois 4 years now, and this is the coldest its been. I'm used to the sunny south, and I miss it on days like this.

BJ Roan said...

Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you're doing well.

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