Friday, December 28, 2007


Yep...made it through another emotional holiday!

Christmas came and went...thankfully I had a family to spend it with! As far as I'm concerned Xmas is for kids and without mine, it would have been very sad and lonely indeed! Watching their joy was very infectious!

I also give thanks that they have learned the value of what they did receive and showed no disappointments in what they didn't get. This was also their first year my grand kids got to use their own money to buy they got to learn how far money really goes. They loved it!

The only drawback to the day was the "Puppy Mill" Family! Sadly my daughter's Brother-In-Law's raises small dogs and they supplement their income by selling puppies. There were 5 breeders [one due to give birth Xmas day] and 2 puppies! I'm allergic to dogs and was wise enough to take allergy pills to help combat the situation. The allergy wasn't the problem...the barking and whining of these small dogs can drive a person NUTS!!! Needless to say we didn't stay long after the supper was over which would have been nicer to spend some time with the grand kids.

Next year Xmas is supposed to be at their place [Edmonchuk] and it might be only me and my it might be the blues for me...but I'll worry about that when the time comes!

I did have a rough time again with the loss of my sister "Buttons"!
It's been 4 Xmas's without her! I don't believe that I will ever get over missing her!

As usual the rest of my family let the holiday go by without ever acknowledging that we are related...I was just as bad...although I did send cards which was still more than they did! I can be thankful that my two kids keep in touch with each other! My other sister and I did connect with each other yesterday so I guess that was better than nothing.

The next hurdle to overcome is New Years Eve...which can be sad also if you have no one to spend it with! For me, I will gladly spend mine being thankful that I no longer have to spend it with a partner who treated me badly! I'm not into the partying thing...last thing I want to do is kiss a bunch of strangers so...I will opt for peace and quiet!

My New Years Resolution is to TRY to manage my Diabetes better [I've been very BAD] now that I am finally getting used to the insulin shots and the hunger pains no longer rule my mind! Hopefully I can lose the pounds that I've gained!

Oh...I forgot to mention that I stuck my hand up again and volunteered to be the Stage Manager/Set Designer for our 3 Act Play this coming year [which by the way, we are taking to the 3 Act Play Competion being held in the Battlefords]. Just finished reading the play and it's going to be a technical toughie...the story line sucks but that will be the actors problem...or maybe mine because I hate prompting!

So if I don't get around to blogging until after the new year I want to wish all my faithful fans a Happy New Years!

PS...Did you know that "Baby Doodie's" Blog gets more hits than mine sad it that?

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Blue said...

Families are such a mixed blessing!
Mine's pretty much always non-existant, so found Christmas alone fine.
New Year will be tougher as have spent so many with Little Buddy!
But like you I'm not a party animal so will survive!
The 3 Act Play Competition sounds interesting - will await more info.
It's funny world, Suki gets more visitors than you & most of mine are dogs! What can I say!
Take care