Friday, August 10, 2007


Its been 13 posts since I've talked about the weather and so for the 14th post I think it's safe enough to talk about it...which by the way, right now, is fantastic for me and my cats! I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it on the 13th!

The last few days the heat has dissipated and cooler weather has prevailed! We have even had some rain! I love that fact of waking up to say "'s cold in here" and having to put on a sweater!

"Grumble, grumble" what you hear from the heat seeking ones now! Taking a page from the "Selfish Book" I say....who cares! At least they can put a sweater on!

All the heat ever did for me was add to my grief! Some of the medication I take, is effected by the heat and this caused me to feel sick with nothing I could do about it but suffer. Being out in the sunlight made it even worse! Either way it was stay out of the sun or suffer in the airless house...I couldn't win! I even had thoughts of moving up north if there is going to be global warming involved!

Air conditioners had problems keeping up to the BillyRoo says! His ended up not satisfying his need to be cool after long days out in the grilling sunlight [he works the oilfield]!

Around here everything else was suffering also! The leaves on the trees and bushes were starting to show signs of needing water and the greenness of the scenery was fading to yellow! The farmers in the middle of their "Haying" process were complaining about the dangers of machinery causing sparks and the possibilities of field fires was a concern! The oilfield guys liked it and hated it as the heat made them able to work but the excessive heat made the working unbearable!

This morning I awoke to being cold and walking to work I noticed that we had some rain in the early hours. Listening to the birds chirping and smelling the freshness of the morning has put a lightness to my mood and things don't seem to bad right's a good T.G.I.F. far!

Even my cats are happy....

Suki's Health:
I seemed to have found the solution to her problems...because there has been no puking lately! With her age [10 human yrs - 56 cats yrs] the heat might have played a big part in her illness! Although, I did change her food to suit the needs of her age. So either or both could have been the problem...I'm just happy that she's better!

I know the heat affect both of my cats! Because they were both pretty lethargic and all they wanted to do was sleep. Last night was the first time I saw any life in either animal and watching them play like they were kittens again, made my heart a whole lot lighter!

So have a Happy T.G.I.F. Day....I actually feel like working!!! ?

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Blue said...

Glad to hear its a wee bit cooler & damper for you! And, it's a lot dryer & more summery here! So, we're both winning....
Jackson, another old fav. dog blog - he's a wired Fox Terrier, who hates cats has linked with this lovely cat site, she's 16!
Thought you might enjoy the link - its great!
Have a stress free w/e!
Best wishes