Thursday, August 09, 2007


Just finished reading "Blue's Blog" about her tendency to talk to herself while doing things and reasons why she does it...

I like to believe that we all do it to some point!

I know I have always done it!

It wasn't because I was an only child because I'm over run with siblings! My sister [the one that died] and I did a lot of things together so were constant companions and bouncing ideas off one another was a regular occurrence. But there were times when I was all alone and thoughts still ran out of my mouth! Now that she is dead I talk to her ghost and still bounce ideas off of I guess that part makes me crazy!

I also like to think that it's because my brain is so full of ideas that there is no room left for the thoughts to run around I talk out loud!

Many times I have been caught by my kids, especially BillyRoo, and they have asked me "who are you talking to"? That's when I blame the cats! So I guess I can't blame the kids for not answering when spoken to because of this trait of mine!

I even argue with myself and win all of my how bad can that be?

So why should one worry about what others might think when one is caught doing this?

I, for one, don't! I stopped caring a long time ago about what everyone might think about anything...after all who are they to judge me or me to judge them!

At least I didn't have an imaginary me that would be crazy!

I'm now yelling at myself to get some work done as were are busy, busy, time to be talking to the imaginary people out there reading this.....


Blue said...

From one "self talker" to another, I enjoyed your comments & post!
Said so to my-self before posting!!
I discuss everytthing with me! Especailly people who judge me!
From one kindred spririt to another.Best wishes

Blue said...

Hi there again,

TY for your great chatty comment. Re request for my email address here it is:-

In case you wonder, why Headgirl? Thats Warren [Sir] nickname for me!
Know wonder I have an identity crisis, I've so many names, Tennessee [another Warren one[, Lady Di from Lyle W, Headgirl & now Blue!!! At least everyone knows you as QoH!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hey Blue:
They say that giving someone a nickname means that they like you [except for the derogatory ones]and you should feel good about that. I actually have three other nicknames; my sister called me Bones, Sir calls me Dawndawn and Velvis calls me Dawniekwanie. I love all of them...those who use either one of them makes me feel good. TY for the email address & I'll sent the poster soon as I finish with the details. You have a very nice day! QoH