Saturday, July 28, 2007


One of the blogs that I thoroughly enjoyed was "The Adventures of Oscar the Airedale" a 13 month old puppy from England. I found his blog through Blue's blog and loved reading about his antics and the style in which he was portrayed in...through his master's voice!

All know that I am not a fan of dogs but this guy was in obedience training and his parents wanted him to be a "well mannered dog" which I admire greatly! He also liked cats as he had a sister called "Flakes" who he referred to as a "Big Fat Cat".

Sadly he died today!
Apparently of complications with either his pancreas or some kind of blockage! My heart goes out to his parents and family for their loss! They must be totally devastated from the I would be if either of my cats died!

Thankfully both of my children are doing well...the food change was the answer to the vomiting!
I'd only wished that Oscars chances had been better!

Like their parting remarks...."Oscar run free and be happy little guy"!
To Katy, Martin and Flakes...."hopefully one day you can smile and be happy again"!
My thoughts are with you!

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Blue said...

Hi there
Was really touched to see your kind words on poor dear Oscars blog "comments" & even more so, to find a tribute here.
He was such a good dog, so quiet, well behaved & funny.
It's a very sad day!