Friday, May 25, 2007


Had a hard time getting to sleep last night and finally dragged myself out of bed at 3:20 am...laying in bed half awake seemed pointless and plus my back was starting to hurt.

Again, what does one do at that time of the of course! I figured why not...I haven't had anything interesting to blog about lately besides my boring I figured I'd save you all from that crap!

I've been kind of bogged down at work lately with a lot of designing to do and estimates to prepare for [hopefully] future why not try to catch up?

Around 5:00, as I was doing this drawing, I noticed a movement in front of my building right across the street from me. Six Mule Deer had wandered into town....2 young Bucks and 4 Does.

It's been awhile since I've seen any wildlife at that hour of the morning and watched as they nibbled on the bushes in front of the building. You could tell they were on guard as they wandering in and one caught sight of me and the herd stopped. They watched me for awhile! I guess they figured that I was no threat they turned and went down the back alley instead of continuing through town. By the time it took to grab my camera they had stopped at the alley junction point and nibbled at the grassy mound behind the Convenience store.

Of course they were too far away for me to get a shot so I could let you see too! Took one anyways....hopefully you can just about see them in the photo....honest...their there!

Then a huge truck came barreling through town scaring them away and they ran back from where they came from.

Still it was nice to see and gave me break for a few minutes!

Come to think of it....I haven't seen "Hoppy" the rabbit since Easter? I wonder if he's still alive & kicking?

Oh goes to get back to work.....time for coffee!

It's gonna be A LONG DAY!!!


Blue said...

Hi there
I'm often awake inthe wee small hours, so sympathsise, the days can seem long! But you're distraction takes some beating. I had hoped to see moose whilst @ the farm. Headmistress had one in the yard before I came, but all I saw was the droppings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blue
I am sure glad I didn't see a moose as I am terrified of them...they may be great creatures to everyone else but to me they are the monsters in my nightmares...its a childhood thing!