Friday, May 13, 2011



Does that sound ominous or what?

Tonight [7:00] PoD and I are off to try to scare some grade 12 students and maybe some adults...

A hard task!

Teenagers can be very skeptical at that age about a lot of things...sometimes just to be contrary or to be more macho in front of their peers...?

Our grade 12 students have an exchange program with the students from Toronto [Ont] and the students will arrive in town later this afternoon. We've been asked by the hosting parents to give a spooky guided tour through our town's wonderfully haunted court house and to scare the crap out of them...their words not mine!

Of course, we accepted!

Although, it was a toss up between a paranormal investigation being done in Regina [that we were kindly invited to attend] this weekend with the group [Sask Paranormal Shadow Hunters] that we had hosted here in Feb. There was a few places they were investigating that sounded interesting but seeing as we had already promised this weekend to the students, we had to decline. But very thankful that they had considered us enough to offer us an invite. Hopefully in the near future we can attend another one?

Anyways... tonight will be a challenge?

Hopefully there will be some maturity involved with this age...but past experiences with the Halloween tours, leaves me apprehensive about so many [approx 20] all at once, in a group.

The Toronto students arrive in town sometime this evening straight off the plane in Saskabush, a rough 2 hr drive on scary highways to here, then board wagons to tour the town and cemetery [you know us country hicks...;}] ending up with a barbecue on the court house grounds.

The spooky tour in the court house is planned for 8:00.

I can see them either all totally hyped up with all that has happened with them so far or hopefully so tired from the flight/drive/wagons/food that they let themselves get scared...;)

And maybe we will get lucky and they will all be believers and come away with a great experience of the paranormal....

One can wish?

Will take lots of photos but promise no shots of faces if possible. Will try to get a group photo and will post with permission of course.

Stay tuned for the results.

I just hope that Friday the 13th doesn't get us....



velvis said...

oh have fun QOH, brings back memories of the "haunted house".

take care

Anonymous said...

QOH can you email me I need to ask you a question--thanks.