Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feb 19 - March 20 [depending on what book]

[These are brief passages borrowed from her [Stella Hyde] book and have been given the okay to use by reviewers, like me...says so right in her book] Besides, if by the rare chance that someone does read this blog, they may just have to go out and buy this book like I did! Something about knowing your enemy's traits...

How's that for a review!


Pisces is a feminine, mutable Water sign ruled by Neptune. It is the twelfth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Virgo and is named for the constellation Pisces [the fish] which drifts and fantasizes behind the sun at this time of the year.

On the Darkside, this makes you a slippery manipulative, unreliable reality-dodger with delusions of adequacy and an addiction to sentimentality and self-destruction.

Annoying Habits...
Punctuality - Your not late as such, but you get lost, can't remember where your going, or what day it is. It's whoever you're meeting's fault for putting you under so much pressure; stop off at a bar for a consoling drink or several.

Toothpaste - You squeeze from the middle and leave the cap off, but are usually using a tube of shaving gel or hemorrhoid cream because you don't do small print; blame the bathroom's owner when you throw up.

Temper Gauge - O to boiling point in a minute or two, building up a good head of steam to drive the whine engine, which can go for weeks at a time but not in any logical direction; often runs off the rails or over innocent bystanders.

Personality...confused, chaotic, contradictory

Bitch Rating...A- Stealth class submarine bitchery; you're so wishy-washy topside, people underestimate the powerful emotional location system that allows you to hook directly into others' weakest points and go in with a spiteful trident. You always hit below the waterline and leave a small corrosive poison in the victims system.

Fav Deadly Sin...As you are a weak-willed sensationalist, you have regularly been led astray by all seven DSs, often all at the same time [which may explain some of your mood changes, but is still no excuse].

Blame your planet...Neptune: unfocused, nebulous and wet., the windiest planet in the universe.

AGAIN...a lot of her predictions have to be calculated with what time of day you were born, etc. so buy the book if you feel the need to have more...:}

I would SO like to dedicate THIS blog to my dear, darling, NASTY...older sister "Cork" or "Corky"...which ever one would piss her off the most! I only wished she read my blog!

I can normally forgive a family member based on the fact that blood is supposed to be thicker than water...or so they say, but HER, I cannot!

She's either 9 or 10 years older than me and made my live a living hell when we had to room together growing up! EVERYTHING belonged to her...including her clothing hand-me-downs, which she NEVER let me live down! The time era that I grew up in...wearing second-hand was a BIG NO-NO! She was also the one that enjoyed tormenting me about my stuttering the most which helped me to retreat into my own little world! I could go on and on...

Reading about her Zodiac Darkside traits, helps explain her A LOT! Doesn't excuse her tho... I've recently shared battle scars with my brother, Tank, about her and his are worse than mine! Her and her friends would beat on him, take whatever money he had and he was no small child like I was!

One could forgive that as growing up pains, but she continued her venom to me through gossip to her children/grand children, who now hate me? This was not related to me personally, I had to find out through my younger sister, Eener who is still in contact with our nieces/nephew.

My contact with her ended when she had moved to Scotland [abandoning her unborn first grandchild and daughter [16] to her boyfriend's family] to be with her rich new husband. Taking her other younger daughter...only because she had no one to leave HER with! We later learned that HE continually molested her and wasn't believed by my sis, her own mother!
Money always came first with her!
My biggest blow [to me] came when I wrote her hoping for some kind sisterly advice on my marriage woes and was told bluntly to "suck it up" and do as I was told...after all marriage was my job?

She has since moved back to the home area and isn't in contact with anyone in the family [including her kids/grand kids] as we are all not good enough for her! My brother, Tank, did try to befriend her and her husband but didn't make their quality standards. Us White/Indian trash ain't no good to be hanging with!

So this one is for her! Did try to do it for her birthday on the 2nd but she got her whammy for that day as is was the day of "Button's" funeral in 2004!

Anyways...[so much for those karma coins]

Stay tuned for the next horrible scope which will be....Aries [my son's sign...;}]


BJ Roan said...

From the sound of it, you are better off without her. I always wished I had a sister, I only have 1 brother, but now I'm thinking maybe I'm better off. I might have had a Cork.

Queen of Halloween said...

BJ...coming from a large family was no picnic believe me! There are a few more that I would like to have not had in my life that's for sure...;(