Sunday, June 07, 2009


It's Saturday...8:45 am

All that build-up for our town wide garage sales turned out to be mildly disappointing for me!

The "land of loose" managed to scrape up 33 places to go to...ours was a dismal 16! I kept telling myself that it was better than the 3 last weekend...;)

But we are larger than them! Our businesses weren't advertised as participating, but they sure got to profit from the increased customer traffic! The odd thing was, they normally do? I thought it bad that they had more sales inside that day than normal!

They didn't get any of my money!

The morning turned out to be ARCTIC COLD! I would even include a wind chill factor! There were times that I wished I'd brought mini mitts with me! I felt sorry for the sellers who had to brave the cold [it stayed cold too] until 4:00!

Our only "treat/baking sellers", that I saw, was this child around the age of 6 or 7. He sat there shivering, trying to sell his cookies and iced tea. Not one to pass up any sugar on these ventures [excitement/over exercising makes mine go low] I bought 10...2 FOR ME and two each for PoD's family [who happened to be there at the same time]. It was too cold for the iced tea! There wasn't any baking like cakes/squares any such either? My son, BillyRoo, likes these as his nothing for him. The cookies weren't that great.

PoD's day [we crossed paths fairly often] went from smiles to..."do you want to take my husband with you...he's like you", kind of day! She said that the next time she goes, it's by herself! The kids are like him/me too...:)


I had fun doing it alone, but it would have been nice to go with someone who understood the nature of the "garage sale beast" and had it in them my sis "Buttons" did. I did find two small "Halloweenie Beanie" collectibles; a black "Fraidy" [me], me & an orange "Scard-e" [her] cats that sat on the dash as I did my journey...I know...I'm crazy...

I did find some real steals and deals!
The majority sales this time were ones that WANTED to get rid of their stuff AT ANY PRICE!

[I've been trying to add pics and can't...?]

I was able to pick-up a cut-off saw, belt sander and small hand router for 19.00...these went to Trebor. I paid 2.00 for a rolling cart that guys use while working under vehicles & 50 cents for a small dolly for the business. I tried to find sewing stuff and materials for AJ [12, she's taking up sewing and wants to design clothes] because she got a sewing machine for her birthday. Found some doll/toy patterns for her to practice on. There wasn't much for boys so JD missed out again. PoD got some exercise stuff [joke] for her "gym" collection...;)

As for stuff for grad & wedding.....10 cents for a large plastic blood-red vase.

One real find [for me] were the 12 glasses [prairiegold box for 2.00] to add to my "blood red" glass set! These will house my LED tealights for the head table decor in the "goth" wedding.

Added to my Santa, Snowman, Masks & Halloween collectibles...5.00

I even bought a cute [used once] 40.00 purse for 2.00!

All this and a few odds & ends for under 40.00!

The wierd thing on the day was PoD's and my timing on our meet-ups?

I was sitting in my [son's] vehicle getting ready to pull out to start the day... to go get the map. She pulls up beside me and we both head for the map start point. We then went our seperate ways.

She drove away I stayed for the three booths that were right there. I had already cased the others out and felt this was the better deal. Turned out I was right!

We met up again at the cookie place in time for them to get cookies.

We didn't meet again until my last stop which also turned out to be theirs!

11:30 am...done?

The start point was selling coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs & pop so we had lunch in the cold!

Boy was I happy to get home and after putting the stuff away [sort of] I tried to find some heat!

Spent the rest of the day trying!

My plans had me needing to paint the metal on my archway, black, [it's an ugly green right now] today! That was out of the frigging cold for it to dry outside and I've no room in to paint it, plus it's oil based & smelly! I could have strung vines on lights for my poles...too cold in garage...too hard to work with coat on! No room inside!

Took the rest of the day off and huddled under a blanket in front of the electric heater!

I did enjoy the garage sales and seeing the people...

Maybe next year's will be better...?


BJ Roan said...

You found some goodies! I would love to see pics of the blood red glass set. They sound gorgeous.

Jeannie said...

are you still having picture uploading probs? I had this prob a few weeks ago, turns out I had accidentally turned off something on my computer, it was something like "don't upload blogger pics" or somesuch..........have no idea why it was ticked, but once I unchecked it, all was fine.

Also have no idea where this was on the computer, suffice to say I am a numbskull............ Jeannie