Saturday, April 18, 2009


PoD and I spent another great HAUNTING night/morning at our most favorite spooky building...the Dodge Court House! Where we learned more about our passion..."The Paranormal"!

Our teachers last night were the "Saskatchewan Ghost-Hunters Society" out of Saskatoon [].

A very sincere group of people that approached this touchy subject of "ghosts" with a very professional attitude. Both PoD & I have watch many shows about paranormal operations of other groups and these guys are just as good...if not better!

They made us feel like we were a part of their group and had NO ridicule for us about our "sensitive" feelings on the place and all of it's hot spots. If anything they showed signs of surprize when they experienced themselves the: humming [like someone was working], music [grammaphone style], singing and being watched. The problems is, on what someone experpience's in there, ALWAYS happens, when there is nothing about to help collaborate it!

This group got to "feel/hear" that a lot!

Being a newly formed group [2009], this group were looking for unusal places not yet/lightly visited/documented site/building. It seems the S.G.H.S.,found out about our "haunted" place, through the town's website. They phoned expecting having to be put on a waiting list [I told the town they should do more about pushing the haunted aspect...hopefully maybe now?] and were surprised to get in right away!

PoD and I both were on pins and needles all day waiting patiently [NOT] for nightfall. Napping was out of the question!!

Big surprise awaited us as we opened the backdoor of the building.

First initial apprehension of being back there again
...the feelings of excitement
...a bit of dread

Then we saw....WIRES EVERYWHERE! Three floors of them!

Motion sensors were set up in various rooms & tripod cameras throughout had to watch that one didn't trip anything!

Very hightech for a group just starting out!

We were very impressed by their professional approach to "ghost busting"! Serious investment in equipment showed how interested these people were about and what they hoped to recover. The town should be happy with whatever comes out of it. From this group's site is a link [] that gives them more advertising. I say the town is missing out...?


Nightfall finally came around 9:00 pm...time to go hunting!

Armed with nightvision movie cameras, "still" cameras, heat sensors, electrical sensors, voice recorders and flashlights, six of us split into groups and headed for different "creepy" areas. One guy staying to keep an eye on the 4 cameras that had been set earlier, he was our "base".

It was nice to hang with people who can be classified as "nutty" as some consider PoD & I...:)

Making up the group are 6 men and 2 women. Of the group last night 2 couldn't make it so we had 4 guys 3 gals. Us three gals decided to attack the BASEMENT!

PoD had decided earlier that she was going to show nothing but bravery to these guys and try really hard not to bolt.


Her job was to help handle all of the "high-tech" stuff [everyone knows how enept I am] and did most of the recording of any sounds or ghostly voices.

This is the only time one can stand in front of others and openly ask something, from something that you can't see, questions and not come off as nuts...;)!

We all did a lot of that!

Did we get any responses?

I would say we did in some instances!

On our trip to the basement we felt we were being played with while we tried to make contact. The motion sensors used had been placed on the floor in the Custodial Quarters. One in the livingroom, one at the kitchen doorway and one beside the bathroom entrance, all facing down the hallway to the back bedroom.

While we were filming in the main hallway, not too far from the quarter's door, the motion detector in the kitchen doorway to the livingroom went off!

Spooked the hell out of all of us!

Naturally we went to the noise...

How many movies would have made this the scary gory part....?

Happily that didn't happen!

Nothing happened while we were in there! We asked all sorts of questions...begged for a sign...joked...


Nothing more to do we decided to head back to see how the boys faired.

Detector in Quarter's went off again!

We rushed back in...


Three times it happened...always it seemed it was waiting for us to go and the wanted to see if we would come back.

It was like something was playing a game with us!

Frusturated we gave up and went to report our experiences....

Got to go

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Wilma said...

Forgot you were doing this ~ how wonderful! What a great experience.