Thursday, April 30, 2009

31 of 365....HAPPINESS

1. House to myself for 5 days while son goes for safety courses [his company is still not back to work...:( ]

2. Designing work all caught up

3. Got all my laundry done

4. Got all dishes washed

5. Didn't need codeine today

Work doesn't pick up soon I will find it hard to find things to be happy about.....


Jeannie said...

being alive is imho something to be happy about. I thank "whoever" each morning when I wake up ;0) I consider each day is a jewel. May sound fanciful but that is me, wysiwyg!!

I do hope work picks up for you soon though. Difficult times we are living through eh?

Queen of Halloween said...

TY tough for LOTS around here so I'll TRY to stop whining...;)