Sunday, November 30, 2008


First off...I've totally enjoyed my time away from the pressures of blogging constantly!

Yes, I did miss having a place to vent some of my issues!
I found myself saying "I should put this on my blog!" a lot!
I guess what I needed was a good other followers [3] didn't plead as hard...:).

I dedicate all of my bloggings from here on in, to my brother Tank and Sister-in-Law, SewLady [who has reminded me to make sure all of my spellings, punctuations, etc, are correct...picky, picky... :)]. I can't promise no mistakes...sometimes one is just in a hurry?


I think I left off with a statement about Suki's death "changing our lives".

Her death hurt me nearly as bad as losing my sister! Suki was my comfort when I was alone and she always acted like she cared about what I was going through and tried to comfort me to the best of her abilities. My children/grand children always help me but they do have lives of their own.


Thumber and I get along just fine and she does what she can, but with her, it's not the same. Suki was a very jealous cat, demanded all of my attention and hated it when Thumber wanted to have her time. I must admit that it was my fault in keeping my distance from her and I was to blame for Thumber being so aloof. She is and always will be, a one-person cat! She does let my son, BillyRoo, look after her when I'm not around. Things with her are getting better!

Back to Suki's demise...

The vet had told me that her kidney failure was due to something that she had drank...possibly antifreeze? There was no way she could have gotten into any of that! One, I don't have any around and two, she was kept inside since moving to my shop/home! The only thing I know that she got into was the horrible water that came from the interior of my building..."the indoor falls". My roof had been leaking for years and I had to collect the rainfall in buckets. Suki just loved to drink out of them! I tried to keep them empty but she just had to drink from them anyways. I never did have to shoo Thumber away from drinking it...only Suki. I guess it slowly killed her!

So my reasoning is:
If the stuff in the ceiling/walls was that deadly to eventually kill my cat, what was it doing to me? The whole time I was living there I was ill with sinus infections, bronchial problems and generally felt bad all over! Since moving out I haven't been sick once!

Did I want my daughter and her family moving into there?
Even though we removed as much of the rotten stuff as possible and sprayed it all with bleach...did we do enough?
Both her and I have decided that we will not take the chance!

I relocated my business to where I am living now and I seemed to have gone back to working out of my home again? How I managed to squeeze all of my stuff into the small space I am in right now is a source of amazement to all who know me. Their questions did I do it? Downsizing helped and great management of space...shelves everywhere!

I do have to admit that things have been so much better for me right now

Thats all for now...stay tuned for more boring issues.....:)

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Poopsie Blue said...

Just poped over on the off chance and your back.
Am very pleased - you were missed.

Wilma said you'd reloacated your business when I asked her about you a while back.

Am sorry to read about what might have caused sweet Suki's death.
I can understand fully how you must miss her.

Just to bring you up to date...

Pussy, Miss Peach is still blogging away.

BJ had a second blog, called Rubbish by Roan and posts regularly there about her goings on and participates in the photo challenges I do.

Jeannie & Marvin returned to blogging to last month.

And, as for me I moved again after having serious trouble with nasty commentors.
My new home - Blog No 3 - is here, if you want to look in...

Take care