Friday, April 25, 2008


It's okay to read this....I'm not whining [as usual]...

I had some excitement this morning [8:30] at work!

I was talking on the phone to PoD [she's home sick right now] when I could hear strange sounds coming from the back door area of my building. I got up to investigate [while still talking to her] and found nothing going on outside the back doors...also the noise had stopped when I had got up? Looked around, no sounds, so I went and sat down again. I didn't mention it to her at that time about these noises. Then a few minutes later it started again and I went silent...then she could hear it. "What's that noise" she said?

So I got up and went to investigate [she's still on the line]. The noise stopped?

The sound was kind of tinny, like the walls of the furnace, but it wasn't coming from that area. I checked outside again and nothing was around, or had been, as there wasn't any tracks in the new falling snow [yes it's snowing AGAIN]?

Very puzzling?

This was kind of spooking me and PoD too!

No noise, as I checked around again! So I went and sat back down. We kept talking, trying to figure out what it might of been, when it started once more, only louder! So I quietly tip toed to where the sound was coming from and stood listening...

"Oh my God" I said to PoD, chills running up and down my spine....

"You won't believe where the sound is coming from"? making chills run up and down both our spines!

It was coming from an area straight across from where I was standing and where there wasn't any tin to be making that sound! Or so I thought! Upon closer inspection there was my old trash compacter [from upstairs] and it's sides were tin!

On the line PoD is telling me to open it up and check it out. My first thought was that the noise was too loud to be a mouse and I wasn't sure I wanted to have a rat come barging out at me! But in the end I warily opened it...finding nothing! With all of the noise I was making...the banging sound came again...but closer to me!

Right beside the compacter, hidden, was an empty tin wash tub! I slowly pulled it out and what to my wondering eyes beheld...a tiny little mouse! He was soooo cute!

I guess with it trying to climb the tall sides and falling back in, made the inner area echo... making the noise sound larger than it should have been.

PoD and I had a good laugh over that one!

Now what to do with the mouse? Me being one that can't kill anything [except bugs] decided to release it to the wild...or the dumpster far enough from my back doors. I didn't need it to come back to visit!

The noise and experience made the heart pound for a minute and happiness over finding just what it was even better!
Nice way to start the day!


B. Roan said...

Eeeek! I hate mice. The first night Roots was on television, many years ago, a mouse ran up my back, under my blouse, and climbed onto my shoulder. I've never undressed faster in my life!

Blue said...

Mice & me, I've seen enough!

I presume I've ofended you!
It was never itentional...