Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all!
I feel like this poor cat....

Once again I have gone through more nightmare situations than I'd like to handle!

It all started with the water heater crapping out at the place where I now live! Thankfully I don't own the place, so I wasn't hit with that cost, but I still had to endure living without HOT water! Luckily it got fixed [after three days of waiting for the plumber dude to get his act together]! You can breathe a sigh of relief...I can now shower!

Then the water heater at my work place decided to quit working!
Had to call the "ex" in and even he couldn't figure out what was wrong with it? It was only 3 years old? So I had to heat water in the microwave before I was able to wash alum sign blanks, dishes...etc. One thing I couldn't do, was being able to afford to replace it! So I had nothing else to do but live with it...after all third world countries learn do without!

A few days earlier, I had turned off the furnace because it was starting to be really nice outside, trying to save money? The birds were singing, the trees had buds forming on them, the air was even becoming unbreathable [people were preparing their lawns]...spring had finally sprung! I was even going to start walking in the evening!

Suddenly the weather takes a turn for the worse and a cold front hits us! With the colder weather the heat had to be turned back on! Guess what?

NO HEAT! [Yes....I paid the bills!]

This meant trying to operate machinery that isn't meant to be operated in cold weather but seeing as it wasn't too bad out, we managed anyways. Work just had to be done, heat or no heat!
We were managing...

Then the weather decided to crap on all of us AGAIN...bring back winter in it's worst form! Wham...2' of wet snow! Like everyone else I was just getting to enjoy walking outside without BOOTS and heavy coats on! I should have known better!

Well the temperature inside dropped from barely manageable to totally unmanageable! I even dragged [through HUGE snow banks] a portable heat from my residence, in order that I MIGHT be able to get some designing work done on the computer? NOPE...computers don't like the cold! Picture me sitting there with mitts, toque, boots and heavy coat on! The heater couldn't even keep me warm! My "ex" had promised to drop by when he could get out of his place to see what was wrong with the furnace. So I had to wait there until he arrived...which wasn't until 1:00pm. Meanwhile I managed to keep warm by moving around doing grad decorations!

After an hour of dorking around with the furnace he decided to check the electrical outlet...NO POWER was getting to it! It seems he forgot, that he had shut off the electricity from the power box, when he was checking out the wiring that we are doing upstairs in the renovations.
Why the power was being routed from the upstairs box is beyond my comprehension? I had checked the box downstairs and all had been okay! I never ever though that it would have been connected to upstairs! Another curse for the previous owner!

So this morning I now have HEAT and HOT WATER!
On top of everything here at work, my grand kids are down sick again with colds/coughs thus PoD can't come to work and my cat, Suki, isn't doing too good right now. I have had to decide between paying bills, feeding them and me or take her to the expensive vet! Sadly she has to pay the price. She was starting to enjoy the green grass I was bringing her from outside and it was helping with her tummy ailments...now it's frozen!

I'm trying hard to look on the bright side of things only...it's just that I can't seem to find it?

[Deep sigh]!

Well I'd better put the nose to the old grindstone and get some work caught up...

I just hope that the old grindstone keeps working?

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B. Roan said...

Wow, when things go wrong, they really go wrong! I'm glad to see you have heat, just in time for spring to come again. Hang in there! BJ