Friday, March 28, 2008


We actually came back on Wednesday!

I finally have enough energy to report our venture to the northern city for the long awaited 3 Act Festival!

I journeyed up there with Pebbles & BamBam and the trip was made even more exciting with at least 2" of snow on the road! We had left with plenty time to take it we did. There was no wildlife to be seen anywhere!

The excitment came when we were nearing the city limits! The truck that was pulling the trailer, with our set in, it suddenly hit a bump and started the trailer to rock and sway! Thankfully "Cowboy" kept things under control! Visions of "hard work" laying all over the ditch became my newest nightmare...not to mention the possibility of injury to the two guys in the truck! Luck was with us after all cause we arrived with that being the only incident!

Unloading took a short time as did the set up...all had arrived safely without any damages. It pays to carry tools...everybody knows that if your prepared for trouble - trouble never happens? We even managed to have a successful rehearsal!

The hosting club even provided us with a tasty lunch. They even let us use some of the food for our play...which was both very nice.

We accomplished so much that we all had time to do our seperate things.

I spent my time relaxing?

Managing all of the stage stuff [set placement, curtains, props & food] totally exhausted me, so I wanted my extra time to be spent resting...mostly so that I could party longer that night.

Seems fate still had some things in store for me....

I wanted to take advantage of the pool and hot tub, at the hotel. But it so happened that there was a dance festival being held this weekend, so both facilities were packed with noisy kids! The ones of us that had windows [we had a horrible window] in their rooms, opened up to the pool, they had to listen to the noise! What was worse...?

I couldn't relax so I decided that I needed something to read to help me out. This meant going outside to a convience store across the way.

I got lost trying to get out of the building!

I don't like elevators at the best of times and the one that they had, made me nervous with all of it's noises! Deciding to use the stairs I went down too many floors and ended up in the basement. Seems that the area I landed up in was accessed by the outer doors to the rooms. I couldn't even find the entrance to the lobby! They had a hallway that was seperated by a wall and I went up and down it a few times before I figured out that it was not a seperate hallway...why it was built that way was beyond my comprehension? I figured that I must have wandered into the new addition? The door I did find, led me to the back parking lot! With my luck still holding, I went the wrong way and had to back track and ended up walking around the whole hotel! Something that should have taken a few minutes ended up being 20 minutes later!
I did have another embarassing moment...I forgot to make note of the room number as I left to pick up that something to read! Thankfully no one was around to watch me swiping my keycard at all of the rooms that I thought might be the right one. I did manage to find the right one and didn't have to go down to the lobby to admit my stupidity!
I finally did get some rest! Seems the searching for the book made me tired because I barely read it!
I did have more problems with my keycard while I was staying there!
Finally it was time for our performance!
It went smoothly except for a drop in the lines. I should have been there to catch it with a prompt but I had gotten myself into a mess with not taking my insulin on time. I had been running around seeing to everything and forgot how stress affects my sugar levels. I was crashing sugar wise and this slowed down my thought process, thus breaking my routine. Normally the area that they were in never had any problems so I wasn't prepared for it. It was becoming more difficult for me to move quickly from one set to another. This makes it one more reason why I shouldn't be doing this anymore. Especially not by myself!
Other than that the audience sounded like they enjoyed it!
Finally it was over and all that was left was the take down! I must say that it took hardly any time at all.
Sadly a sugar crash puts me into a mental funk that's hard to get out of and thought processing after one never improves without sleep.
But it was time to party!
It was nice to have an applause as one enters the green room. It's kind of a tradition that they do that honors the performing group that night. We got to eat right away...seeing as they wait for us on that also.
Our town is known for it's ability to party and we didn't disapoint them! Wilma had been at the first two green rooms and said that they had been boring! Our group likes to dance [me included] and dance we did! Sadly, [at 1:30am] I had to go to my room and left the younger ones to continue with their wild antics!
The nice thing was that the green room was held in the same hotel where we were staying so one could "walk" back to their room. Our rooms just so happen to be a long ways away! Guess keycard wouldn't work in the door [yes, I had the right room!] and I had to traipse all the way back to the lobby to get them to program me another one. I was really tired after what felt like a 2 mile walk!
My roomates straggled in at 4 in the am. Hang overs were to be expected at 9:30 am when we went for our adjudication.
I had gotten up early [as usual] and had already eaten breakfast [slowly] waiting for some signs of life from the others? The group that were to perform that day had already left. Going up to the room to do my wake-up call found me struggling to use the "now hated" keycard! No such luck! Had to pound on the door to get some response.
I was more than happy to had over my useless keycards...I guess they're not made for my "magnetic" personality!
Our adjudication was great! The adjudicator had nice words for my set and remarked on my use of "spinning" sets. She used a more technical term but damned if I remember what it was. Poor Pebbles had to do her lines while running back and was some kind of teaching thing? Poor girl looked like she was ready to retch! The adjudication went on for 2 hours...but it was time well spent. We have some new ideas to try for our town performances!
Finally home time!
I came home to more cat puke on my poor Suki can't handle being away from me for so long...
All we have left to do is go back on Saturday to see the last performance and the awards...hopefully we did well?
As for home...I only have to read that play 5 more times! 2 practices and 3 performances. It won't be too soon for me!!!

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B. Roan said...

I too hate key cards. They are very hard to use. Other than that, sounds like a success. I'm not sure what a spinning set is, but it sounds very technical. I hope Suki has improved with your return. BJ