Monday, February 18, 2008


Today I am 57 and my grandson is 9. We also celebrate this day with the "Traveling Dude"...My exes brother. I won't say how old he is because that's his business!

I met with the kids yesterday to give JD his present just in case I didn't get to his place to visit today. So have a happy birthday JD! I couldn't find anything on his heros...the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"...but maybe this will do!For me I'm happy to see another birthday come...I don't dread my age like some do! I'm happy just to be still alive!

My son woke me up this morning [7:30 am...6:30 his time] to wish me a happy birthday and was amazed that I had slept in! He figured that I would be at work already...he knows that I seldom take time off. He has to work today but doesn't mind as it is a holiday and will be paid extra. "Traveling Dude" contacted me also and we wished each other well....he reminded me that everyday to him is a holiday [he's retired]! I wish!

Not only is this day our birthday... it's also a holiday called "Family Day". This is a winter-break holiday and everyone gets the day off from work and school. Granted the kids here have the whole week off from school. I think the teachers do this just to show parents how great they are because they put up with other peoples children [monsters] for 10 months out of the year. Personally I think they all deserve medals for doing this kind of work!

I've been suffering with headaches lately [mostly because of the painting of props] and missed last nights play practice. Although I still did spend time working on the props while I was supposed to have been resting. I've been designing and making set props for our play for three weeks straight now! With having to do the stage managers job as's beginning to tell on me. This set has been one of the hardest I've had to do in a long time and I'm still running the changes in my mind..there are some change-ups that still have to be worked out. I know I don't have to do all of this myself but I'd rather do it myself, than take the time to explain to someone else of my crazy ideas...this way they get to see the final idea instead. Explaining takes longer than doing? So I guess I better keep the whining to myself!

Anyways....the sun is shining right now [a rarity in it's self] and I think I'll take a stroll to work where I will be immersed in stage managing duties...

Hopefully I'll have time for a nap later and then, maybe, I might make play practice tonight...?


Wilma said...

Happy Birthday! Call me if you need a ride tonight.

B. Roan said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Stay warm and enjoy your day. BJ

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Your Maj!

Do you get two birthdays like our Queen?

Only joking, there of course!

I hope you and your grandson had a lovely day full of nice things!

love and light, Jeannie x