Thursday, February 07, 2008


Today the chinese celebrate their new year and this year is supposed to be the year of the Rat?

I checked up on their sites and found out that I was born in the year of the Rabbit?

This is what they describe me as...

Advantages of Rabbit people:

Affectionate, clever, gifted, ambitious, smooth talkers, talented, obliging, always pleasant, respected and trusted by others, tranquil, avoids big risks, keeps a promise, likes a contract.

Disadvantages of Rabbit people:

Too sentimental, easily superficial, melancholic, many emotional involvements, too cautious, conservative, some detached family attitude, weeping or weeping with joy for no reason, uninformed sometimes, ignoring knowledge at times.

This is what they say I have in store for me this year...

Rabbit people in the Rat year (2/7/2008-1/25/2009):

-This is not a very lucky year for health, business and job.

-Don't work too hard.

-You may get some money then lose it later.

-Good luck rate among 12 animals: #9

To quote life this year is going to be..."CRAP ON A CRACKER"!

How does one keep up their head after a forecast like that?


Jeannie said...

well in my optomistic view, better crap on a cracker, than no crap and no cracker.

who knows what life holds, just be positive.....

Jeannie x

Queen of Halloween said...

Your right about that one! I read a different forecast on another site and all things will be rosy! One is always better with a second opinion! I will take yours to heart also! Bright lights to you Jeannie