Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well it didn't got the way that I thought it would. When you have a man along the last thing they think about is that females like to shop. I knew they were bed shopping but thought that the bed shops would be in the areas near other stores of interest, which they weren't. I could have said something if it had been important enough to me but when I travel with someone, I do what they do. It also didn't help that the meal/water, I had, started to fight back on me! By the time we got to our appointed time to view the facilities I had to view the other facilities there! By the time we were done I was in agony and needed to go home. Thankfully I carry pills that make traveling easier!

The only photos taken were of their stage and what was of interest to my duties in the production. The place will be great for all of the performances. I wanted to take a photo of the sign that was posted outside there but felt too crappy to do it after we finished our tour. The place where it is being held is a high school and I found the sign to be strange and a little scary! It was a reserved parking spot for the local police! Hopefully it was only a building requirement and not a needed one?

During our trip, the only wild life we got to see was a moose running, lots of crows and one magpie! Other than that it was pretty well open prairie covered in snow.

The enjoyable part for me was the great company, new gossip, history lessons on Dodge and a break from my usual routine!

Our trip was also filled with lots of Vitamin D from the constant sun shine and it was really warm out [-9 C].

TY again Wilma and Puffy for letting me come along.

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B. Roan Enigk said...

It isn't fun traveling when a meal starts "fighting back". Hopefully your next outing will go better. It's a balmy 30 degrees here, not sure what -9 C is, but it sounds COLD. Feel better. BJ