Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday as I was coming back to work, from the drug store, a scary sight met my eyes!
I could see smoke coming from the direction of my house and a fire truck coming around the corner! Rushing to the intersection I saw that it wasn't my place that was on fire but a trailer 3 houses down the back alley from me.
The flames were as high as the abandoned house next to it. The smoke billowing into the air would be seen for miles!
We have been suffering from arctic temperatures for a few days now and yesterday it was at it's worst!
I have nothing but praise for our Volunteer Fire Department guys who do this on their time...most leave work to help out! They had trouble putting out this one! The amount of flames and smoke made it look horrible! Hopefully no one/animal was harmed! By the time it was over the place was completely gutted! It took them 3 hours to put it out!
These pictures shown above were taken from my shop...that how close it was.
Most of you viewing this might wonder what the big fuss about a fire is all about, but when you live in a small community it affects might be somebody that we know?
It also becomes a big viewing circus as everybody has to come and take a look...thankfully it doesn't happen every day here!
I also worried about smoke getting into my house, being so close and all, but thankfully it didn't. I worry about my cats being home alone when one sees this happen...they could have died in there from smoke inhalation? My place is not exactly air tight and the cold has been leaking in lately.
One wonders if it might have been a furnace fire?
Something else to worry about....?


B. Roan Enigk said...

Hi Queen,
As a retired Insurance Adjuster, I've seen too many homes destroyed by fire. Very scary indeed! BJ

Jeannie! said...

oh yes, this would have scared me too.

What a fright you must have had.

There are so many awful tragedies here in the UK with fires, often people do not have smoke alarms fitted.

Scary stuff. Hope your cats are ok?

Jeannie ;0)

Queen of Halloween said...

My cats were just fine...just freaked out more than usual? The final result after it was over is a sight I have to see daily...but also a reminder to make sure nothing is left at home and at work, plugged in to start something! I too do not have a smoke detector either? Maybe now I'll get one! QoH

Anonymous said...

Please get a smoke detector. They save lives. Add a carbon monoxide detector to that list, as well. BJ