Friday, June 01, 2007


I must correct the statement that I hated dogs...its not the dogs that I dislike but their owners who do not correct them...thus making the dog to become not liked!

I know it's a dog's nature to jump up and that's their way to greet you but I have bad allergies [as do a lot of people] to animals including other peoples cats! These greetings do me in and I suffer greatly from their contact. Being forced to pet them makes it worse...dogs and cats sense this but do not understand...including their owners.

I love all animals that have been taught manners!

Dogs can learn not to jump up and well trained ones will wait to be greeted. Cats are a different story...they get close by jumping up and seeing how you react...then they know how to act. I usually signal a cat whether its wanted or not...untrained dogs don't get the hint and push their limits!

Some dogs also have other unwanted traits that irritate me...crotch sniffing and leg humping! These can be also taught not to do...lazy owners think these can be my books there not! I actually prefer the older dog to a younger dog...they either have learned manners or just don't care anymore.

I really think young dogs are like annoying children/teenagers...if not taught properly they do not belong in society until they are!

Before I was stricken with allergy problems I too was a dog owner and all of our dogs all learned their place in the human world so I know what I am talking about. I miss having a dog as a friend/companion but I know how much work is involved in keeping one and it wouldn't be fair to either of us if I did!

In my younger years [before allergies] we lived with dogs, cats, hamsters, salamanders and budgies. Out of all of these pets, I hated the birds the most...too messy & noisy! Birds belong free! We also lived near the stock yards and got to experience cows/steers and horses. I hate cows/steers but loved the horses and always wish to own one...but never did.

So all in all...I am an animal lover [mostly cats] and have learned to teach my animal family how to live in our world...hopefully so will others!

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