Sunday, June 03, 2007


The morning started at 4:20 am for me and at 5:45 am I started up the hill to PoD's place for her "first ever" garge sale. The morning was already warm and the air was full of the scent of lilacs..which was very nice. But half way up the hill my allergies kicked in making breathing very hard...with my nice sweet diabetic breath the mosquitos came out in droves to feast on my sugary blood! Gasping for breath and itching from bites I dragged myself to PoD's place! Thankfully she had two types of inhalers and the weaker of the two helped to open the airways! Coffee was already brewing so it helped also! Going through this makes me very weak and stress works on the sugar levels which in turn helps to make me very crabby!

PoD was also not in a very good mood either as she had only gotten 2 hours of sleep so our day started out on a poor note!

Hairgirl and I had added our stuff also so her sale became a "3 family" sale. With all of the stuff we had...ours was the biggest [everyone else's comment]! We had hairdressing stuff, furniture, collectibles, toys, costumes and even the kitchen sink [actually 2 bathroom sinks].

But first the stuff had to be displayed and priced for the sale! Thankfully most of the stuff left over from my first sale was already priced but the other stuff that I had added [yup...I had more stuff] wasn't! Hairgirl had priced most of hers but needed to do more. So we all spent the next couple of hours rushing to get this ready for the 9:00 am start. We also had help from Hairgirl's mom!

Tables had to be found to display all of our stuff. The night before PoD and Hairgirl had placed out all of their tables and we were still PoD's husband [who by way are back together again for a trial period] got to search for some from his place and mine.

Have I ever mentioned before how rushing makes me stressed out and ups the sugar levels which by the way sky rocketed to 24.4...which is not good! High sugar makes me even more crabby! So poor PoD had to keep an eye out for her mom and contend with her own problems. Thankfully her daughter, AJ, is a wonderful helper and is used to our crabbiness...gotta love that girl...she's the greatest!

I have also learned why people who have garage sales are annoyed at the early birds who just have to be the first to shop...this is REALLY ANNOYING WHEN YOUR TRYING TO GET IT ALL DONE BEFORE THE ACTUAL START TIME! This was a very good lesson for me! I happen to be one of those people! But never again!!!!

If you ever want to test your patience in life...have a GARAGE SALE!

Finally we were as ready as we would ever be and the sale started...early-birds and all!

Sales were not too bad and the people coming and going were pretty steady for the first 4 hours and then it started to drag!

No I wasn't able to resist the garage sale urge, so the son-in-law, grand kids and I stole away to do some "Garage Sailing" of our own!

I did pretty good...I purchased a high-back wicker chair that matches my other high-back wicker chair [for my patio ...when I have one], rolling table [for my rock painting], a fancy ceramic canister set [my old ones were always plastic], and a small casserole dish [for the single person eating] from Hairgirl before the sale even started.

In our "Sailing" I got "son-in-law" a "never used" Chicken Rotisserie for his birthday present [which was on May 29] to use while he's away working...see nothing frivolous there.

The only frivolous thing bought was another cute 'cat" teapot for my tea pot collection which was 5.00.

I totally ignored that "demon on my shoulder" who was screaming loudly "you DEFINITELY MIGHT NEED THAT!!!!

I also ran into Wilma's/J-Rods/Tam & Fritz's sale and managed to avoid her "purse fetish" sale...sorry to say that I couldn't justify buying anything there!

Out of 26 sale places I only managed to see about half of them before the heat/too much sunlight/hunger got the best of me and I parted ways from the others and went back to ours!

I also have to mention that this was the worst managed town-wide sale ever! It was like a "last minute" effort! I had volunteered for last year's event and we ran it smoothly so I feel I have the right to complain about this one!

They always have a Bar-B-Q so there is food/drink for the "Sailers"...this was the "suckiest" part of the event! I don't mind paying a high price [4.00] for a hamburger if a person gets a great hamburger with all the trimmings! Lets say tiny pattie [over cooked/under cooked] slice of cheese [same price without cheese], tiny bun [I guess for tiny pattie], catsup & mustard and not to mention a tiny juice box [1.00] onions [raw or cooked] or relish.

All of this was managed by 2 people....cashier had a small table which had on it: cash box, napkins, cheese slices, buns, catsup & mustard. The other person was the cook who handed out the over cooked/burnt/under cooked hamburgers and hotdogs...which was okay if you only had 1 to manage...more meant you had to manage a balancing act! Luckily son-in-law and I managed!

The town rec director managed this event so the town got all of the profits from where were the other town members that should have been helping these two people...maybe they came later and I am griping for nothing?

Finally 4:00 pm came and we could pack up and go home!

What didn't sell was going to the more Garage Sales for us! Nothing was coming back to my place....I am now happy for my "Clean Sweep"....


My collectibles were cut down to Owls and Fancy Teapots.....and even those are going to be very selective!!!

I did make a little money [nowhere near to what I spent originally] and got a sunburn to boot!!!!

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Blue said...

Nice one!
Had wondered what had happened @ THE saaaaaaaaale!
Hopefully you sold what you wanted, & Wilma cleared out her colllection! Heading of to seeeeeeeeeeeeee1