Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not with boughs of holly...

I used the faux pine wire ones...;)

Fa,la,la...yada, yada

Well I'm finally getting around [business is slowing down AGAIN] to posting my pictures of all of my outside Xmas decor...taken in the daylight. You already got to see the blurry night ones...;}

I love the sparkle of the Xmas lights at night but like to see a display in the day light.

Most who have the inflatable displays don't run them during the day...who can blame them! I saw dollar signs coming off of my Halloween one and decided then, not to donate more money to the power company and buy any more! Bad enough I need their power to run my lights now...candle power is just not the same...;} The wire animal/tree ones are okay but if you have a lot of snow like we normally get, they kind of blend in during the day time...;(

I'm not one for over-doing the lights either...don't care much for the blinding mini light displays!

So I opted for more of a visual day time one with a night enhancement of a combination of the soft glow of a yellowish white mini lights for the snowy FX of winter and the blue-white of the bigger LED bulbs intertwined with smaller LED red ones.

My dream when moving into this place was to do the "Gingerbread House" for Halloween...I think I mentioned this once or twice [three] before. So when I decorate for Halloween I can put up the candy canes without the pine boughs. I will be making big candies during the summer months...see planning already :)'s this year's Winter Workshop somewhere near the north pole...

Still not quite finished yet...undecided whether I want penguins or gingerbread men or just leave it alone? There is 14 days left til Xmas....

I don't like the space between the door and garage door...needs something inspirational?

Notice the front slope...

I cured my problem of the slippery hill! The steps [on the left] I put in this summer, helps when I have to unload my groceries. I still have to shovel the hill for any wheelchair access...:}?

The mound of snow in the middle is to cover the hidden danger of how the two would be dangerous otherwise...too uneven...okay in the summer

Plus I have to give the dog next door somewhere to mark his territory so he won't be doing it on my decorations...Grrr

Here's another great blurry close-up...

[you know... I NEVER have to worry about anyone stealing my pics...they're to blurry...;) ]

Clear as mud right...looks pretty busy inside to me and yes, it is!

Painting the door red was a good move for this setting...:)
Notice the first bit of Halloween peeking out [bottom left] will see bits of it left out. I truly can't be without that weird part of me peeking out somewhere in my domain. This drove the Ex nuts...:)

So, are you ready to see the rest of this busy nightmare....


Due to more interuptions by the stupid me computer....will have to wait AGAIN for the next post

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