Thursday, March 26, 2009


As previously mention on yesterday's blog, about "Animals With Blogs", I forgot to ask why some of them, who talk silly [like their animal would talk that way if it spoke], why would they?

Is it to give them an accent, ie: Siamese cat, Chihuahua..etc?

If they really thought about it [like I obviously have], their animal was probably born in their country. Unless you are a foreigner, why would your animal be?

Don't you call them your fur babies? It would only stand to reason that any of my off-spring would talk like me! I have native blood in me but don't speak the language, so why would of my Siamese cat speak like it's Chinese or Siamese?

I'm NOT being racial or anything, just wondering about the logistics of it?

I know...picky, picky, picky!

IS it really being creative?

I for one, avoid those ones who do talk that way...too hard to understand...?

And wouldn't you worry about someone who had a child who spoke that way?


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BJ Roan said...

You make a good point!