Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today my oldest brother, Tank, flies away to Kandahar!

My sister explained it to me that it wasn't the same one as the one that's in conflict with the USA? Not knowing my geography [cause I missed that day in school], I looked it up on the net.
I found out that there is only one Kandahar!

Reading the news this morning on the net, the lastest was about the release of the guys who financed the hijackers of a plane to Kandahar!

It's one thing to worry about a person, one knows, taking their chances in flying anywhere [one of my fears]

...but to a country that's known to be having conflict problems...is another!

Another thing that doesn't bode to well...he's going there to teach! He'll be there to teach foreign teachers how to teach welding?
Don't hijackers just love holding teachers for ransome!
I'm happy that he's finally doing something that he loves to do but hopefully it won't be at a dangerous price!

Will be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well!


Jeannie! said...

oh my, your Maj......what a place to be flying to.

Although I had heard the name on our BBC News I am ashamed to admit I did not know exactly where it was.....but after reading your post I gooogled.

Dear Lord, please bring him home safe.

Safe Trip Tank! I say!

I am back to normality now on my blog, there were reasons which i cannot say on here which made my blog look odd.....if you had an email addy I could explain.

Not for public viewing though.

Bon Voyage to your Bruv and hurry home safe Tank.

and can you tell me what Tank derives from or was he called Tank to start with?

love and much light, back to normal , Jeannie xxxxx

Wilma said...

Smooth flying & safe journey to Tank.

Queen of Halloween said...

Thanks both of you for your well wishes. I hope he doesn't need them! To answer your question Jeannie...he's always been known to me as Tank. I think he got that name from our swim team. Like an army who depends on the tanks to get them through the enemy lines, we depended on his ability as a strong swimmer to win lots for our team..."you could always depend on the Tank"! He's also that way in life!. And he was never a skinny kid and was built like a Tank. You couldn't ask for a nicer person. Her Maj

B. Roan said...

I have 2 loved ones in Iraq...I'll add Tank to my prayer list. Godspeed, Tank. Hang in there Queen. BJ