Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday Morning/Afternoon - MOVING DAY

Finally its time to move!

I was up early [4:30am] had my coffee and started moving stuff downstairs [16 steps] that wasn't too heavy. I had managed 15 bags before Pod and the kids arrived at 8:30.

We used my son's van for the first few loads before HairGirl showed up to help.

I'm sure glad I downsize what I had before but it still seemed endless...which by the way isn't fully completed.
We rushed to get as much done as possible because surprise, surprise...fore cast was for rain!
We decided we were done for the day after "JD's Incident"
Later that night when Trebor got home he decided that we had to move the stuff that couldn't get damaged by the rain and we continued to bring in more!
We finished that night with both PoD and My muscles sreaming in agony!!!!
I don't know how I am going to managed to do more on Sunday????

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