Saturday, May 05, 2007


These photos are of our first halloween in 2002
The first shot is of the back bedroom in the Custodial Quarters
of the courthouse in Dodge. This room was supposed to have had someone hang themselves from the pipes in the far left corner. The far right shot was taken first then the left one shortly after. We called this our "Grave Room" made everyone uneasy when they were in there! The white area to the right wasn't there when I first looked at the shot. isn't my camera strap as I had it around my wrist [I have a tendancy to drop the I make sure that it's secured] at the time. On closer inspection it looks like the orbs are moving fast up and down. PoD was also standing right beside me!

Dodge's Haunted Courthouse "Orbs" -outside

They were taken with my digital camera Sept 2002. The evening was perfect for capturing these images. No they aren't dust particles!

If you look closely at the upper window on the bottom picture...far left...there is a ghostly shape which looks like it's behind the window frame. I checked out the windows before taking the pics and all I could see was the curtains inside. This shape looks like it's someone looking out the window at me!

Stay tuned for more photos as I try to figure out how to post them properly!


Wilma said...

Yay! You've got the photo situation figured out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm so excited...where does one start? All we have to do now is get the photos from my computer to hers...

Blue said...

Glad to see you got the photo thing sorted out...
Those pic's have me really intrigued!